Mondays in my notebooks

MD Light Monthly – A5

Today I am sharing the inside of one of my notebooks. I bought this last year and was planning to use it for work but I ended up with a more traditional, academic year planner. So it sat on a shelf – ignored. Until April. I didn’t really need all the weekly and daily pages so I switched over to this planner for a monthly overview. It has a two page spread for each month – December 2019-January 2021. I like the minimalist spread. There is just enough room for important dates and white space for lists and quotes. After the monthly spreads, there are blank pages in that standard, Midori grid. I am using these pages as a commonplace notebook. I still want to go back and make an index for those entries or add them to the month in which they were noted. I have used an A5 for work but never thought I wanted that size for a personal planner – too big to carry around. But this notebook stays on my desk and the extra writing space if now a plus. I have ordered another one for 2021 – it should arrive this week. (I ordered these from Baum Kuchen – if you haven’t ordered from them in the past, give it a try. They wrap everything up like a gift and have great attention to detail.)

Off to link up with Katie today.

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7 thoughts on “Mondays in my notebooks

  1. This notebook sounds like it will be really good when the month is over and you can look back — and then when you can look back at the whole year. I see we are both reading Caste right now!

  2. Oh good lord – thanks for introducing me to Baum Kuchen. I could get lost on that site for hours! And what a fun article on Toasted Cheese!

    I love this calendar and how you’re using it. It’s a lovely summary of your month!

    Thank you for linking up this week 🙂

  3. Thank-you for the info on the Midori – that looks a really useful set up, with lots of possibilities. I see you are doing the Just 5 Things class, like Honoré – I look forward to hearing more about it, if you feel able …

  4. Such goodness here… First, I love your printing. And don’t you truly appreciate thoughtful, careful wrapping when you order a product? I gave a gift from Leatherology recently. A book weight. It arrived so beautifully packaged–that, alone, will prompt me (and the recipient!) to buy from them again! I’m rather entranced by commonplace notebooks. As I explored the link you shared, I think that’s what my BUJO really is–since I do not use it as a daily planner at all but, instead, for lists, ideas, memories, dreams, etc. So, kinda… I’m enjoying your Mondays!!

  5. I think the sign of a perfect planner is one that works well for looking back, looking ahead and being right here … sure looks like yours checks all three boxes! (and whoa, all the hearts for Baum Kitchen!)

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