A head clearing list

I am currently dipping in and out of Michelle’s Just 5 Things class because I love making lists. Here is a list of things that I need to share with you so I can clear some brain space.

I listened to this podcast and then went back to read the transcript because I need to know more about list makers.

And then I listened to this podcast. I read Mary Pipher’s book last year but I might need to revisit as I figure out this new season of life.

Those two sweaters are ready for sleeves but I cast on a hat – what? I will get back to them. I need to take some time to look at the patterns because I have rather slim arms and I want to avoid having to unknit when I find that the decreases are too far apart.

There has been sewing. I finished one quilt top, machine quilted another, and got to see those polar bear pants in action (see photo above!).

Finally, I highly recommend Caste. Isabel Wilkerson is an amazing writer and storyteller.

Happy Wednesday!

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8 thoughts on “A head clearing list

  1. I love that first podcast. I’m so happy to have found it so thank you for sharing. I’m definitely a tracker – with a little bit of un-loader.

  2. Love those baby pants — their cute factor increases exponentially by being worn!

    I finished Caste right before bed last night and completely agree with your assessment. It is fabulous and has made me think about things in a whole new way.

  3. Gah! I have to listen to that podcast! And Caste. Sigh. I’m the 255th hold on 50 copies. Good Lord. So…curious…have you done many classes with Michelle? I did one of her list groups earlier in the pandemic, b/c I’m such a list lover–and I couldn’t make it through! (I am REALLY curious about that podcast!) I struggled with a lot of aspects, and I’m really curious how it resonates with others…

  4. wasn’t that a great Lazy Genius? I make all three kinds of lists at different points/for different things. A list is always my go-to way to organize pretty much everything!

  5. I am itching to start a hat or something fall-ish but am resisting so far. Not sure why! I usually get everything done when I want it to be done. But I’d like to finish the wedding shawl first and foremost.

  6. What a darling baby. I bet you made those pants. Am I a list maker? I used to be but after retiring I let go of the list habit. I do keep a calendar with a few plans for the week.

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