Thoughts on the joy of grand parenting

Being a gramma, a gramma to an incredibly creative, curious, and active little boy, has me thinking about holding on and letting go.

I am holding on to the pure joy on his face when he dumps dirt on his hands (and arms and feet) and letting go of clean clothes – and seriously, how do you get dirt between your toes when you are wearing shoes and socks?

I am holding on to his stories and perspective, the zigs and zags of his imaginative play, and letting go of being in charge of the schedule.

I am holding on to those moments when he forgets I am close by and I get to hear him singing and talking to himself and letting go of needing to be part of the story.

I am trying very hard to hold on to his need for independence and autonomy because I know how important that is.

I know that my life is blessed to live close by and be a regular part of his week. I am snapping pictures and writing down stories and enjoying this time. Now, if I could just let go of his need to make every departure a game of chase.

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9 thoughts on “Thoughts on the joy of grand parenting

  1. lol I looked at the seats of those pants and just laughed. He is definitely busy and has not clue, but isn’t that great? Not worried about how he looks or how dirty he has gotten. We should all be that intent at what we are doing/loving.

  2. Letting go is a lesson I’ve had to learn! Shoes? Who needs them? Let them go! 🙂

    This is a lovely post. Good job chasing those stories – this memory is a keeper!

  3. Oh, I remember those days of finding dirt in the most bizarre places! You are wise to hold on to these precious moments; they go so fast. I’m still pretty close to experiencing them as a parent and a long way off from doing so as a grandparent, but I can still sense the joy you’re getting from your time with him.

  4. What a wise frame to reflect on and guide your gramma time. It is a very different relationship from the ones we have as a mama … honestly, it helped me a lot that Katie had boys. I didn’t have any experience playing with little boys, so it could all be new and different .

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