Inside time

You may have heard about the fires in Oregon and Washington. Or maybe not if you are avoiding the news, which I support 100%. The fires are not nearby but the smoke started blowing in on Thursday afternoon and looks like it will be sticking around a while. So, one more reason to stay inside. Seattle opened clean air shelters for people who don’t have an inside. And it seems people are taking this unhealthy air seriously because the neighborhood has been very quiet the last few days.

Saturday was really weird. There was a dull, yellow glow all day that felt almost apocalyptic. The pictures of Oregon and downtown Seattle are crazy. Fortunately the weather changed which was a blessing. A closed up house in hot weather would have been hard to handle (no air conditioning here).

While I was inside, not accumulating any steps on my FITB, I finished that donation hat. I am closing in on sleeve number one – three to go. I also stitched the binding on a quilt. And I made plans via text with some quilting friends to stitch and swap house blocks. During a little decluttering session, I found the yarn I bought for the Pheasant Pullover. The question is, do I need to finish all the sleeves before I can start another sweater?

I did play with my notebooks but no photos to share. Be sure to visit Katie – our notebook guru. And have a wonderful Monday. Take a few deep breaths for me.

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13 thoughts on “Inside time

  1. Oh gosh! That color in your picture looks awful. So many are being negatively impacted by these fires. Stay safe!! Sounds like you managed to get an awful lot accomplished during your inside time.

  2. I’m glad that you’re safe and only inconvenienced by the smoke — the news reports from out west are very scary! I hope the air clears up soon and that the sleeve knitting continues to go well.

  3. The smoke/fires are the one bit of news I have followed! I have a daughter in the SF Bay area due any moment now, so my worry is, of course, off the charts. Stay safe and I pray for rain and cooler temps to help with these fires!

  4. I know that yellow haze… we had 4 out of control wildfires in CO this summer, plus one that flared up just north of us, and sent ash flying down on Denver. They are exacerbated by climate change and will continue to get worse over the years, so so so sad and avoidable. There have always been wildfires that restart an area but these are different. We had the skies clear for a couple days, and our idiot neighborhood had many people having pit wood fires on their decks… we couldn’t open windows all summer. ugh.LeeAnna

  5. Oh, we feel you and hear you out here, Juliann. My car was covered in ash last week, and the sun was such a deep and eerie shade of orange for so long that it started to feel normal. Colorado has not had the accompanying human tragedies that others have suffered, and that precipitation we got was truly an answered prayer; my heart goes out to so many in fear and loss right now in WA, OR, and 15 mi from my brother’s home in CA. 💕

  6. The news of those fires is so scary, I’m glad you can stay safe inside. I’m very grateful these days for the clean air I breathe.

  7. oh yikes, Juliann – the pictures I’m seeing from the West (coast, mountains, everywhere) are terrifying. I’m glad you’re able to be inside (and that you can bear the temperatures without air conditioning). ALL of that makes me say OF COURSE you can start a new sweater whenever you want … sleeves will still be there when you’re ready to knit them!

  8. I’m so glad you’re able to stay safe inside your cozy home. I love the people in your banner picture – all linked together – but I do NOT like the color outside. 😦

    And I love that you’re getting so much knitting done. My vote is to finish the sleeves before starting another sweater… you can wear your finished sweater while you’re working on the next one!!

  9. I will definitely breathe for you, but I am not sure it will help. I am glad you are able to stay inside and get creative things done, and finding missing things. I am also glad that the air is clearing.

  10. I’m glad to read that you are safe. That air quality looks awful. Continue to be safe. I lift up my prayers for families, animals, and firefighters.

  11. Gosh, that’s an arresting photo! They look as if they are holding back the fire … That sounds very frightening and I cannot imagine what it must be like – I guess we should be grateful for our rain and damp ground here. If your sleeves have been sitting unfinished all htis time, I should think about month or two won’t matter! Or you could work on both at the same time? Fifteen minutes of the nice new one and five minutes on the sleeves, then repeat?

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