Considering hope

I mentioned that I had a text conversation with a quilting friend about swapping blocks. We have decided to swap house blocks and I am finding this the perfect theme. We will each choose our own house block pattern (there are 8 of us). We talked a bit about setting size and color restrictions but in the end, we have decided to make blocks that we like and know that we can make them fit by adding strips of fabric or setting blocks. I tried out a simple pattern someone shared but I am rubbish at precise, 1/4” seams so I need something that I can trim to size. Playing around this morning I came up with this idea. Each of these blocks is a slightly different size and I do want to aim for a standard width. Then I can play around with the height. I might add windows – or maybe not. I kind of like the simplicity and the way the fabric is the feature. Do you see the words on the block in the upper right? I knew the word life was on the fabric but I missed the word hope. But it showed up! And friends, I needed to see that this morning. Hope is showing up in my life, I need to be sure to pay attention or I will miss it.

Happy Wednesday. Would love to hear how hope is showing up in surprising ways right now.

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13 thoughts on “Considering hope

  1. Your blocks are beautiful … and my favorite is the one with the words. Hope is showing up for me right now in seeing – and mostly feeling – the season change. Putting on socks (in the house), lighting a candle, turning off the ceiling fan … also in knowing that Sara safely traveled here and back again (and hoping she’ll do it again in December).

  2. Today I got to teach a virtual class of 5/6 grade students. I’ve been working so hard behind the scenes and with teachers this year so it was my first student interaction. Seeing their faces and hearing their conversation was the hope I needed, the reminder of why I’m doing this work every day. Thanks for the reminder to keep looking for hope. LOVE the houses and can’t wait to see more!

  3. How perfect that hope showed up right when you needed it! It sure is sneaky like that sometimes. I hope (hah!) that it continues to show up in unexpected places for you.

  4. The yellow house was my favorite at first sight! (Yellow feels like Hope, to me.) Love this swap idea…have fun with it 🙂

  5. So fun and interesting…and on this Sept 19, we are certainly in need of hope. Your future house block quilt will be more fun. Look forward to seeing it! Stitch on!

  6. I love your little house blocks. What a fun idea to set up a swap with quilting friends. I also like the idea that they aren’t all going to be alike. Hope is carried by smiles and kindness of friends and family. And by the laughter of my grandchildren.

  7. That’s such a lovely palette of colours … and how your heart must have leapt to see ‘hope’ waving to you :). I’m keeping a space open for hope by greeting every moment (harder than it sounds) as an opportunity for something lovely to show up, however small. This morning, it was a squirrel burying nuts in my lawn (ordinarily a source of annoyance!): the reminder that all of nature and the animal kingdom is just carrying on doing what they do, unperturbed. And so will we again.

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