Getting back outside

Thanks to a good dose of rain, our air has begun to clear up. I was able to get outside for two short walks this weekend and have begun to dream of digging in the garden. I have been inspired by blog posts and a new to me gardening show. Many years ago, we dug and dug and claimed a garden space. Then there were a few years when gardening didn’t happen and so the space needs to be reclaimed. My goal is to get things cleaned up so I can return to gardening next spring.

After some contemplation, I ordered this planner/notebook. I saw a post somewhere that said buying a 2021 planner is a sign of hope. This one has monthly calendars and then undated pages. I don’t really need the page per day that most planners provide. I think I have a plan for this notebook but won’t write about it just yet. I am enjoying Katie’s Monday posts and the fun peek into the journaling/planner life of the commenters.

Now that the skies have cleared up, I need to get back to meal planning and blogging and routines. Happy Monday. Hope this week brings outside time for you – perhaps with the need for a sweater and wool socks!

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10 thoughts on “Getting back outside

  1. Definitely a sweater and wool socks here (37 this a.m.)! Hoping to get out for a walk today. And, hoping your air continues to improve so that you can get outside!

  2. I can hear the hope in this post-rain post, Juliann! Can’t wait to hear what you have in store for that new planner. It’s such a commitment, isn’t it, jumping in with a new notebook? It took me a loooong time to end up with the one I have now–which was a build-your-own at a paper store in Boulder, CO. And it’s sort of a living, organic process. I always wonder what my next one will be! Enjoy your return to rhythm.

  3. Yay for rain! I’m glad you were able to enjoy some outside time.
    And of course, YAY FOR HOBONICHIS!! I can’t wait to see your plans for your new notebook 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you have gotten some rain (maybe you could send some this way? I’m enjoying the sunshine, but it is dry out there!). Our high temps here are creeping up a bit, but it’s been around 40 the past several mornings, and our house has been downright chilly. Yesterday I was wearing a wool sweater and a cowl!

  5. Rain after a long time of dryness is so refreshing, and being outside for as long as we can these days sounds like a good plan! I’ve got socks on today (indoors) as the temperature is dropping. Your garden plans have a hopeful ring – doing the structural stuff now will give a great heart start in the Spring. I always enjoy your notebook observations; have you abandoned the Midori Light for 2021?

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