Moving things around

When I start to feel the demands of life closing in, I move furniture. There were times, early in our marriage, when my husband would sigh heavily each time he arrived home to a new arrangement. Once he worried that he would fall on the ground when he got up in the night because the bed wasn’t where he expected. Such a comedian.

Moving furniture helps me remember to vacuum behind and under things and it is a much less expensive stress buster than shopping. In fact, I often find treasures when I unload shelves and drawers in order to move that furniture.

My most recent furniture moving activity was motivated by the need to get my “guest” room into shape for a potential visitor. Four years ago my sister moved from Seattle to New York City. I was very excited for her new job and being in the same time zone as her new partner. But I have missed her so much. She has visited regularly but most of her trips were primarily devoted to being with dad and giving me a caregiving break. Now, when she comes to town (whenever that can happen again), she can stay with me. I have the space but it had become a holding and storage room. This summer our daughters helped me clean out the closet. Then I hauled a bunch of stuff to the Goodwill. Yesterday I finished cleaning out the closet and some clutter that had gathered. All that is left is replacing the ancient sofa bed with something more updated.

While I was reorganizing that room, I decided to claim a space for myself. Now, to be honest, I have plenty of space for myself in this big house. But I had tried to make my reading and writing space fit with my sewing space. However, the TV with Amazon Prime and PBS was too much of a distraction. So I moved my books and writing desk into a different room. It is the brightest room upstairs, the room I used for my home office this spring. My desk faces the window. There is a comfy chair in one corner and cube storage for books – my own books and the books I read with the grandsons. I think I want to add a cozy bean bag chair to enhance our gramma reading time.

And about those treasures. As I was unloading a drawer, I found this framed collage. I made this years ago from a kit and I wish I knew who made that kit. It looks so lovely next to my current journal. I think I will get a cup of tea, sit in that comfy chair and do a bit of writing.

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17 thoughts on “Moving things around

  1. That collage is fabulous! I’ve been inspired to do some “deep” cleaning (mostly due to the fact that I’m sneezing a lot and things are dusty!!).

  2. Very creative collage! I have loved a rearranged room ever since I was a kid. I used to love waking up in my bedroom to a new look. That feeling still exists for me.

  3. We were on the same wave length: I did a lot of purging yesterday – doing so creates sanity in this insane world – one emerges feeling “in control” over at least some aspect of life these days… I haven’t found any prizes but I do so appreciate the calm look of the room…now, to tackle my sewing studio. Congrats and enjoy your “new’ space.

  4. I’m feeling the urge to clean out and move around! (and I just read Jessica’s comment and it made me smile!)

  5. I love that story about your husband worrying he’d miss the bed! We live in a very old house with challenging placements of things like windows and doorways so our furniture is generally stuck in one configuration. Good for your for making a cozy and special place for writing and reading!

  6. When I used to get really stressed out in college, my way of dealing with it was to clean out and organize my desk. Something about an organized space leading to an organized mind, I guess? Anyway, I can understand your impulse to clean and rearrange, though I had to laugh at your husband’s comment!

  7. What a great way to “stress-bust!” I’m about to embark on some major “furniture moving” in my own house. Like you, I’m lucky to have plenty of space. It’s time to figure out how to use it better. (And what is it with guest rooms and how they acculumlate all the “stuff”????) I love your collage. It is just charming! XO

  8. ahhhhh. a kindred spirit. i do exactly the same thing. we live in a tiny little bungalow, but i still move furniture around a lot…just for a change of scenery (and the added bonus of cleaning behind things!!!!) I’ve been doing this for years and years. Several houses ago…when the now grown kids were little we did a little ‘experiment’…they (probably 5 and 6 yo) ‘helped’ me move all the furniture from the living room to the den …. and all the den furniture to the living room. At one point everything was in the kitchen which they thought was much fun. BUT….the experiment was….how long before Dad notices. Two weeks later… the little one couldn’t stand it any longer and blurted out the move and experiment….nope. Dad hadnot noticed a thing.

    1. We have always hosted Thanksgiving since we have the biggest house and we would move everything around to make a space to set up all the tables so we could all be in the same room. The vacuum tracks are a good indicator that cleaning has been happening which is another motivation 😊

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  9. I spotted the collage straight away and had already admired it a lot- so good to know you found it in a move around. My middle son is a mover of furniture too- as a teen he was always re-arranging his room- now he has a whole house to play with!

  10. That’s a lovely piece of artwork and looks great with your journal alongside … Oh, I know that moving furniture thing very well – my Dad was still doing it (or we were doing for him at his instruction) when he was still in his late eighties! I’ve been doing a bit of sorting out of the spaces where I create things today too, so that I don’t feel so scattered. I like your husband’s sense of humour :).

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