In the land of color work

I am done with the second chart on my Pheasant Pullover. I did a bit of unknitting – missed a few increases so the next chart did not line up. I am very happy with these colors and the way they are playing together. Hope to finish the next section of color work quickly because I am ready for yet another color work sweater!

I knew I wanted to knit the Porty Pullover by Gudrun Johnston when I saw the test knits show up on Instagram. I actually placed an order for yarn but it won’t be delivered until the Shetland Woolweek journal is ready to ship later this month. I had the yarns I wanted to use for the color work. Just needed a main color. I found this lovely grey at Tolt Yarn and Wool and they have curbside pick up so . . . I swatched last night and I am ready for a cast on. So, here I go, deep into the land of color work – a very sweet place to play.

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14 thoughts on “In the land of color work

  1. Your Pheasant is so pretty – love the colors. And boy have you chosen some gorgeous ones for Porty as well. You will be in happy knitting land for sure!!

  2. Your Pheasant is going to be stunning! as is Porty. Thank you for encouraging me to try “real” colorwork (it’s been a while)! I shared Porty and the Harrisville website with my Wednesday Zoom knitting group and I think there might be a few more joining in 🙂 My current plan is a navy MC with pumpkin, lime, and two more TBD CCs.

  3. I know this isn’t the ‘colorwork’ you were highlighting here, but that looked like some self-striping turmeric to me! Golden milk in that mug, by any chance??

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