Wednesday walks – after the storm

I have been thinking about making Wednesday posts about getting outdoors – a bit of motivation to keep me going. I have become bored with my usual routes but if I invite you to join me, I might find some new paths or even a new perspective on an old path.

Yesterday we had a big wind storm. The funny thing is that I didn’t realize it was happening. Yes, I was trying to Zoom and my connection was bad. And when we switched to FaceTime I kept getting kicked off. But the sun was shining through the window and my computer was charged and we were determined to continue our conversation. It wasn’t until I went downstairs that I realized the power was out. Fortunately it was a sunny day and not too cold. We went ahead with plans for the boys to come and play. They didn’t mind not having power. When we took them home, we tried to get some take out for dinner but apparently it was a big storm and everything was closed. So we opted for scrambled eggs, popcorn, and a dvd on a charged laptop before bed.

I never sleep well when the power is out. I am pretty sure everyone in our neighborhood has a generator and they are very loud. And there is something odd about the total darkness. So when I woke up and saw the clock was flashing, I looked at my watch – 4:30 am. Well, not bad. At least the power was back and I could make coffee. This day might need an extra cup or two.

But, back to the walking. The winds have stopped. No rain. The weather app said it was 52 degrees so I headed out on a walk. The first thing I saw was the pile of branches above on our front steps. And lots of pine needles and leaves that will need to be cleaned up later. I headed down the street, curious to see if there was any damage in the neighborhood. There were two places with downed trees – both had been cut up and moved off the road.

I could tell there are some streets that are still without power. Fortunately our power company workers are amazing and, unfortunately, very familiar with downed trees and restoring power so I hope we will all be back in business very soon. I also know that after 33 years, it is time for us to join the generator gang.

Having this guy around yesterday afternoon took away any potential grumpiness about being without power.

5 1/2 months of sweetness and smiles

Next week, I think we will go to the trail!

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8 thoughts on “Wednesday walks – after the storm

  1. I was thinking of doing Walk With Me Wednesday posts. It might be fun to do this together, especially as we need more motivation to get outside when it gets colder. That little sweetheart at the end of your post – I want to squeeze him!

  2. ALL IN for Walk with Me Wednesdays … what a great mid-week pick-me(us)-up idea! ALSO, Juliann, what a storm! Marc gets the weather alerts on his phone so I never miss a storm … or even a hint of a storm 😉 The first thing I thought of when I saw that top photo (after reading that everyone was ok) was yummmm… I’ll bet it smells great! Those look like the greens we bring indoors to decorate our mantels at Christmas!

  3. I’m glad to hear that your power outage didn’t inconvenience you too much. I too feel unsettled when the power is out overnight, but fortunately it doesn’t happen here very often.

    Thank you for blessing us with the photo of that cutie — I can’t stand the cheeks!

  4. Oh goodness being without power is a little disconcerting. I’m glad you weathered the storm so well. That little guy is so sweet and is that a hand knit sweater he is wearing?

  5. What a beautiful baby photo! And what a storm. (It’s kind of funny that you didn’t even realize the extent of it!) I have to say, you named some of my favorite dinners. Eggs–for any meal of the day. And my go-to substitute dinner is popcorn and a glass of red wine. Now a DVD in bed would top that off nicely! Can’t wait to hear about the trail next week. (And what a great idea for your Wednesday posts!)

  6. five months already! jeez! I am having trouble sleeping enough but I am grateful for the sleep I do get…getting older is not easy. I hate when the power goes out, I obsess about when it will be back on!!

  7. What a great idea — to post about getting outside “on the regular!” I look forward to the adventure. And, speaking of adventures . . . it is so disconcerting to be without power (AND to have a big wind storm with so many big trees around!). And, last but not least . . . that sweet, sweet baby face! What a treat for you. XO

  8. That face would take away anyone’s grumpiness! So cute!
    I have a fear of wind storms, because our neighborhood (and our yard) is full of old mature trees.

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