Fiber and food

In my sorting and decluttering, I have found some treasures. This quilt is one of those treasures and I know just the place for it to hang. I made this quilt using inspiration from Tonya Riccuci’s blog (no longer updated so I won’t link). It was so fun to make those wonky letters and teacups.

I have never been to Rhinebeck although I used to imagine it was a possibility since my sister in now living in New York. But Sarah mentioned how much she will miss the festival and apple cider donuts. That was at least the third time I had read about Apple cider donuts so I hunted down a gluten free recipe and made a batch today. They are seriously good! And because I needed Aquafaba, the liquid from a can of chickpeas, I used those chickpeas to make this wonderful hummus recipe while the donuts were baking. Now I have something to go with my coffee and hummus for Friday night snacks.

Now, the afternoon is open so I will grab a cuppa (coffee not tea today) and a donut and some knitting and sink into a comfortable chair for a bit. Happy Friday!

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14 thoughts on “Fiber and food

  1. Cider donuts are a big thing around us and I buy them way too often! My favorite Rhinebeck treat was always the Artichokes French, man those were good! I love your quilt, the letters are really great. Did you paper piece those?

  2. I’m so glad you were able to find a gluten-free recipe! (Just FYI, your hummus link also goes to the donuts, and I’m hoping you’ll fix it because I would love a good hummus recipe!) Kiddo and I are going to bake our own donuts this afternoon, and if they come out okay I expect I’ll be enjoying one with a cup of tea and a good book later today.

  3. I love this treasure! It reminds me of all of the tea I had while visiting the UK. I went to Rhinebeck with a few friends 6 years ago. We rented a house in the country, and had a wonderful time knitting and shopping. Hope to do it again some day.

  4. What a totally splendid quilt! I love every bit, and would call those letters ‘creative’ rather than ‘wonky’ :). Thank-you for the gluten-free recipe (I avoid gluten too) so a, off to follow your link. Hoping you have a splendid weekend with lots of nice things in it and, of course, some tea …

  5. I love that quilt 🙂 What fun!

    I’m also glad that you found a great donut recipe. It’s been a strange to not have fairs to visit this year – that’s been the hardest part for my family.

  6. love your tea wall hanging! You are so talented with fabric! I have never been to Rhinebeck and would like to go someday but I don’t like crowds and that is what holds me back!!

  7. What a fun quilt. I think everybody has favorite mugs for their hot beverages. Enjoy the coffee and donuts. I am a big fan of homemade hummus.

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