Notebooks – FOMO or JOMO?

I’m sure you have heard about FOMO – fear of missing out. Have you also hear of JOMO? Joy of missing out. I cannot remember where I heard this but I am trying to embrace it. I do love this notebook cover, especially with the new orange cord and charms. I have had very good success with the calendar set up since I switched over in May. But there are so many lovely options. And the color coding – the pull is mighty.

I stumbled on a few podcasts and YouTube videos about journaling last week. Isn’t it interesting when the online world delivers what you need to hear? The message was simple – know yourself, what works for YOU, and know the why before you start chasing after all the pretty things. And your comments on journaling last week were a great compliment to these messages.

So I will sit on the JOMO side of the conversation. It is still fun to see all the pretty options! I’m just happy that I didn’t push GO on that shopping cart full of new planners.

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12 thoughts on “Notebooks – FOMO or JOMO?

  1. the pull of new planners is always STRONG this time of year 🙂 I’m happy to be on the JOMO side as I head into my fourth year with the TN inserts.

  2. What a lovely-looking cover and charm! I’d have that right in front of me very day, I think. I’d not heard of JOMO, so thank-you for the info – sounds like a good way to go. Shocking eye-candy, planners, aren’t they. Looking for ‘the perfect one’ is enough to drive me mad! I’m settling for ‘functional’ :).

  3. YOU SAID IT, Juliann! Such a personalized thing, it all is. Like a wardrobe, really. As in, I often see super fantastic tops or bottoms on people…or earrings or other accessories…and I can say to myself, “I love that! And I love that on them! But it’s not for me, and it doesn’t need to be for me.” That’s how I feel about the personal journaling experience. I love the BUJO concept–and the daily pages are a NEVER. I keep a wall or small calendar for that. It’s taken me a few years to just be GOOD with the fact that I don’t journal the same way the next person does, and that it doesn’t mean I’m doing anything wrong (or missing out!) or just not ‘getting’ something. So I’m right there with you. And loving that navy blue with orange (and the lovely charm).

  4. I think you’ve captured well my thoughts toward things like bullet journals. I think they look really interesting, but it seems like so much work, and the time required to do it is time I’d happily be spending doing something else. I can admire what others do, but what I do seems to be working okay for me, for now.

  5. With all the journal options out there in the world, it’s really easy to think about the OUTSIDE . . . when it really should be the INSIDE we focus on! I think you’re wise to focus on the JOMO, Juliann. (Although there is just nothing like the pull of what-might-be-the-perfect-journal!!!!) XO

  6. I love the concept of JOMO- but saying No to something can be hard. I know full well if I bought an expensive journal I wouldn’t want to mess it up, but give me a cheap notebook and away I go!

  7. I had not heard of either, but I love the idea of JOMO. I have to admit that I’m kind of looking forward to hunkering down this winter and doing a lot of reading and creating. There won’t be much going on to miss!

  8. I wish I was better with the JOMO thing. I love how you’re embracing it! Thank you for the post – and all of the thoughts it’s given me!

  9. my traveler’s notebook is my gratitude/creativity notebook. I slid down the slippery slope and ordered a planner for tasks…it never ends, with a new planner is a new fountain pen and new ink…

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