Unfinished things

My version of A little porch time

I know we all have them – unfinished things. Knitting, crochet, fabric, scrapbooks, projects of all shapes and sizes. I have sorted through a lot of my unfinished fabric projects and have a box to send to the donations store. But I also have some projects that I really want to finish. A few are very close to being completed so I thought I might start there. This is a quilt I started with Lori and as you can see, that was eight years ago. There are a few vines and one last border to be attached. This is a bigger quilt – maybe 80 inches on the longest side. I has wisely put all the extra fabrics and the last border (basted and ready for appliqué) in a box. I even marked the box! I just wonder if I need to change the date from 2012-2020. Maybe I need a weekly unfinished things post to motivate my quilting life.

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12 thoughts on “Unfinished things

  1. How smart your past self was to set this aside with good documentation for your future self! I have a quilt that’s unfinished. It’s all cut but the pieces have gotten scattered and the directions are somewhere else and I don’t know that I have the gumption to figure it out anymore. I’d love the 2012 and maybe add 2020 to the back.

  2. I agree to add 2020 to it – somewhere – front or back. I have a ton of WIPs or unfinished things. I’ve already donated some….I need to do more.

  3. It looks wonderful – such a great variety of shapes and textures all pulled together in your colour scheme. I’d be tempted just to add a little embroidered ‘Completed 2020’, rather than unpick … It might reflect its history and journey that way? How very resourceful of your earlier self to make it easy for you to pick up almost where you left off!

  4. What an interesting quilt – I love all the different shapes/motifs and designs on the fabrics. Also, yes to adding a 2020 block … and yay you for sorting those unfinished projects!

  5. How smart you were to collect and keep all the materials together. I’d add 2020 somewhere on the quilt though. It is a lovely piece. I hope to see it when it is finished.

  6. Now is certainly a good time to finish this super project- go for it! I tend to abandon things when they get a bit difficult or they are seasonal- thinks of Christmas bunting- I like the idea of a regular unfinished object post, unless that ebcomes one more thing to do- how wise to give some away. I once gave away some crochet as I knew I wouldn’t do it- very thin cotton yarn and a hard pattern- I included the hook, pattern and all the yarn- hopefully someone picked it up.

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