My fun option for the week – a haircut!

Thinking about sleep and stress and wellness. I know the world is spinning and we are all feeling the wobble. I am finding myself in an early (too early) wake up cycle. Sometimes I wonder if thinking about it makes it worse? It is a puzzle.

Grateful for our grandsons. They are bringing so much energy and joy into our lives. Yesterday I took a walk with our almost four year old and he sang at the top of his lungs the whole way. And our little guy – he is the perfect blend of snuggles and naps.

Interested in programs like Chief Seattle Club. I have been watching some videos from this group and they are doing amazing work. This week they hosted a chat with Joy Harjo, poet laureate. She read some of her work and of course I put her memoir on my hold list at the library.

Fun – I got a hair cut! I thought long and hard about it. My last cut was early February and while I am loving my longer hair and my curls, it needed some taming. I was able to get the first appointment of the day and the cleaning crew was leaving as I walked in. I feel so much lighter!

Happy Friday!

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19 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. What a perfect, sassy new haircut!!! I love it! (Also . . . your sweater!) Joy Harjo is so wonderful, isn’t she? I had her memoir in my hands . . . but my library hold expired before I could actually read it, and I had to return it. I’m on the hold list again. . .
    Have a good weekend, Juliann. XO

  2. A haircut, professionally done, not sure I remember that? Your cut looks great and I bet it feels wonderful! Reading blogs this morning it appears that several of us are in a ‘sleep issue’ pattern, I have been up since 3am…oye vey. Have a great weekend!

  3. haircut is great….but that sweater!!! swoon!!! and what IS it about the sleep bit? I actually slept last night, but it’s not the least bit unusual to find me wandering the house at 2 or 3 am. I’m calling it an age-thing. I’ve blamed everything else on covid, so I’m giving my sleep issues a break from the pandemic.

  4. sleep is disturbed in our home too… worry about the country’s future and the division among beliefs. Remember when we could have different beliefs without getting guns involved? I do… I hardly sleep peacefully any more and haven’t for years but lately it’s worse. LeeAnna

  5. a haircut sounds like the Best Fun! and ditto the grandsons. we are headed to see ours tomorrow for Sam’s 4th(!!?!) birthday.

  6. I love your haircut! And–great scheduling strategy. I wish I’d thought of that for my dentist appt. I felt a little, I don’t know, edgy being there so late in the day. (What was I thinking? I *wasn’t* thinking, apparently!) I started taking magnesium before bed recently, and I’ve noticed I’m sleeping better than I have in a while. I don’t know–could be the cooler nights. Maybe a combo. Maybe serendipity. But I think I’ll keep doing it! Happy weekend to you!

  7. The smile on your face really says it all! I’m glad you were able to get in for your cut first thing, and I’m also glad you have those two little ones around to make you smile!

  8. Lovely photos of you :). You look great with your new haircut, and I just love your sweater. So many people are having trouble with sleep these days and now that the clocks have gone back here, we’ll be waking even earlier, alas. I’ve been taking a bath with epsom salts (loaded with magnesium) which is very relaxing and soothing before bed, and I don’t look at the news …

  9. That’s a great haircut! And I love the image of your little guy singing for the entire walk. Jackie is just starting to sing on his own and it’s adorable.

  10. Love both your haircut and your sweater! I’m at the point where I’m thinking of getting my hair cut (it is now almost to my waist). But, I have to find a salon and get up the gumption!

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