Wednesday walks – garden inspirations

I have another neighborhood walk to share with you. This is one of my longer loops and it has been fun to see how the gardens and yards have changed over the months.

I had planned to work on my garden design this summer but the only thing I actually did was to clear out and clean up the beds. I have been looking for inspiration for fun design additions like fences or screens. I know I want to replace some of the fencing around my beds so I have started snapping pictures. I do love this idea although that wire will not keep out the rabbits. Might make a fun design for form instead of function.

This gate caught my eye. I would love to have a gate in my garden and after some exploring last week, I think I might have found a good place. It is beautifully aged.

And then there is this! I won’t be adding gravestones to my garden. I am impressed with the elaborate Halloween decorations I have seen on my neighborhood walks. Many people started the last week of September and kept adding. Lots of spider webs and skeletons too.

I am happy to have made peace with walking. Now that I am writing posts I am finding new motivation. Thanks for tagging along.

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12 thoughts on “Wednesday walks – garden inspirations

  1. I love coming along with you on your walks, Juliann! Especially when you’re sharing the gardens you pass by. 🙂 Those are wonderful fences/gates! It’s fun to find inspiration in other people’s gardens.

  2. Those are great inspirations and I love the gate! I think clearing out and readying the beds is the hardest part so good on you for getting that done.

  3. I love that gate too! I asked Fletch to enclose our garden for next year (high fence to keep the deer out) and we will need a gate. That fence is pretty cool looking too!

  4. LOL. I saw that last photo and thought wow, that’s different. and then I remembered it’s October!! What a great idea to look for garden inspiration on your walks. I’ll bet the steps fly by!

  5. Such a lovely, weathered old gate … It seems counter-intuitive that the ewire fence won’t keep out the rabbits, as it looks very sturdy. Looking at others’ gardens is a favourite of mine too, though we don’t go in for Hallowe’en decor outside much here. I’m really not sure about those tombstones!

  6. LOVE those tombstones. I don’t decorate for Halloween that much either. My garden has also not received the attention it needed this summer. So many plans not fulfilled this year. That gate has personality. Mine is seriously serviceable. 😉 Have a wonderfilled Halloween weekend.

  7. I also enjoy the walks thru my Washington DC neighborhoods…always a “find.” Thx for sharing yours – especially the Halloween decor. What fun!

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