30 days of thankful 2020 – #1

Last year I challenged myself to write a thankful post every day in November. Revisiting those posts stirred up a lot of gratitude. So, here we go, November 2020 – it is time for daily gratitudes.

This chair is full of things that bring gratitude. There is coffee – coffee is always on my gratitude list. And yarn. This is the yoke for the Porty Pullover by Gudrun Johnston. But mostly, this picture is about the chair. This was my dad’s chair. It was given to him by the seminary he attended. In their retirement, my parents were very generous with their giving. They helped the seminary start a department for pastoral chaplaincy. That program is still the model for other universities and seminaries. While the seminary is denominational, the chaplaincy students come from a wide variety of faith communities. I have been able to stay connected to the people who oversee that program.

But back to the chair. About 9 years ago, the president of the seminary and the chair of the program asked mom and dad if they could come for a visit. When they arrived, they had this chair and second one for my mom. Dad loved his chair. You can see the wear on the arms where he rubbed the beautiful wood. In his last few years, he was in a wheelchair so the chair became a welcome spot for me to sit when I was visiting. I am grateful to have this chair in my home. I didn’t even realize how much I would love the worn arms. I am especially grateful to my parents for helping me realize that when we have more, we need to give more. I may not do it perfectly but I am working on it.

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12 thoughts on “30 days of thankful 2020 – #1

  1. That’s a beautiful chair and I love the story that goes with it. I have a rocking chair from my college that my parents bought me as a graduation present and I treasure it.

  2. What wonderful memories that chair holds! I imagine you must feel so comforted sitting in it and rubbing the arms that your father rubbed all those years.

  3. Funny about chairs, isn’t it. That they can invoke the person who sat there. I have the rocker my maternal grandfather used to sit in and watch Cub’s games in. I think/feel him every time I look at it even though he’s been gone since 1969. I refinished it during the early 70’s, hauled it around the world with me, fixed a split developing in the seat, and still have it. I hope my son will want it one of these days, but it won’t mean the same thing to him, I know.

  4. gratitude shared makes more gratitude … thank you for doing this again! and what a lovely post to begin the month!

  5. I like the idea of being grateful every day. This is a lovely post. Family stories that accompany an object are always special. I am especially touched that you sat in this chair as you visited with your Dad. I can imagine the smoothness of the worn wood on the arms of the chair.

  6. A warming story about your chairs, and how lovely to be able to rest your arms where your Dad rested his … Your knitting is looking very colourful – and complex!

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