30 days of thankful 2020 #2

When the lockdown began, I reminded myself how privileged I was to be living in this house that has felt too big for the two of us in the past. On the days when I was feeling cooped up, I reminded myself to be grateful for this neighborhood with wide streets that provide places to get outside. Now, almost 8 months later, I continue to be grateful for this place and especially the view from this window. I sit at my desk, and watch people and dogs going up and down the street, catching the sun on the days it brings light inside, and watching the rain as it brings puddles and quenches the grass. This is what I want to remember.

Published by Juliann

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9 thoughts on “30 days of thankful 2020 #2

  1. I hear you…. same with me. But I am tired of playing dodge-people when walking the dog. I dart back and forth across streets as people will walk right up to us on sidewalks, no masks, no social distancing, no care to stop infection. Good to have a house full of art supplies (for me) and an office (for dh) If we go out in the dead of night we can usually walk without so many people and I think of my French friends who are only allowed to walk one K from home, one hour a day. But they don’t have nearly 2000 deaths a day either so…

  2. That is wonderful. I really noticed how many people started walking when the pandemic struck. We live on a main street in our small town and the uptick in walkers was a great thing to see.

  3. By now I’m getting a little bored of my route through the neighborhood, but early on I was definitely very grateful that I had plenty of space to walk or run with pretty houses to look at along the way and, inevitably, cute dogs to pass. I’m also really thankful to live in a comfortable house where I am continuing to work from home!

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