30 days of thankful 2020 — #6

I am getting better at paying attention to the breaks in the weather and making sure I get outside. There is plenty of clean up to do during the season of falling leaves. I am also working on reclaiming small spaces in my garden. I think it is a hopeful effort.

A year ago, I don’t think I would have put gardening in my top 5 retirement activities but it has been rising steadily. When we moved into this house, 33 years ago, I spent a lot of time fighting with the ivy and blackberries to make a space for a garden. For years, I had herbs and vegetables and lots of perennials. I had a chair close enough to the play set for supervision but far enough away to sit and read or quilt. Then life hiccuped and there were a few years when summer gardening was not an option. After that, it felt like such a big job and being in education, my summer seemed shorter every year.

Now, I have time, I have energy, I have resources. I have images in my head of a place for my chair so I can sit and read. There will be digging room for the boys and plenty of space for veggies and herbs. I have started following more gardening blogs and placed holds on gardening books. I even have a small notebook that will be my garden planner. For now, I will be reading and sketching and planning and raking and pruning. Like I said, it feels like a hopeful effort.

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8 thoughts on “30 days of thankful 2020 — #6

  1. I’d say the act of gardening is one of the most hopeful efforts there is. We put seeds and plants into the ground and hope that they’ll thrive, all the while knowing that they might not.

  2. I think gardening is a wonderful retirement activity! Would you have gardening blogs you would recommend? I’d love to hear about them.

  3. Delighted that your interest in gardening has been reawakened :). There’s such a lot to do and enjoy, isn’t there. We have a super programme here (not sure if you can access it from where you are) called “Gardeners’ World” with the wonderful Monty Don, which has been a source of inspiration to me this year. For the first year ever, I have bought bulbs for Spring :).

  4. ‘Reclaiming small spaces.’ I think that’s the wisest way to go about many transformations in life! Beautifully said. And what a hopeful time of year to be doing it…an investment in springtime. 💚

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