30 day of thankful 2020 – #9

This is crazy (because there is much in the world that needs my attention) but I have been going back and forth about what size planner to use for 2021. Wait, you say. It is only November. Ah yes, but these planner inserts will sell out so time is of the essence. I had decided to switch to a smaller and I felt very certain it was a good choice. But then, I was adding some tasks and notes in my current planner, the one I have been using nearly every day since May, and I stopped in my tracks. Why was I making a change? This format has worked for 6 months – worked really well I might add. And I do love the cover and the paper and the way my pen writes on that paper and the weekly set up. So I had a chat with myself and in the end we (myself and I) agreed that I would stay with what it working. I do love looking at all the pretty notebooks on Instagram and I do love the excitement of something new. But I am grateful to have this one, this record of the day to day of the last 6 months. The green one is my weekly planner and it will end the second week of December. And that is perfect because the new one starts on December 14!

Published by Juliann

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8 thoughts on “30 day of thankful 2020 – #9

  1. notebook dilemmas is my jam 🙂 I have two going at the same time. A jibun techo for my mundane life (tasks and exercise and bills) then I have a traveler’s notebook for my creative me!

  2. I am thinking I might change up my pens and add some highlighters. otherwise, yep, sticking with the tried and true. I’m glad your conversation with yourself came to that same conclusion. great minds 🙂

  3. Planner Porn . . . is A Thing! 🙂 So glad you’ve decided to stick with what works for you (after careful deliberation, of course). I love my Travelers notebook/set up.

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