30 days of thankful 2020 – #14

I tried to channel Mary when I was taking a picture

I am so thankful for the gift of knitting. It has introduced me to many of you. It connects me with my heritage (my Scottish grandmother taught me to knit when I was a wee lass). And it brings me so much joy! Growing up in Arizona I always wanted to wear sweaters but there were very few days that would qualify as sweater weather. In the Pacific Northwest, I get plenty of opportunities to wear sweaters. And I have reached that point where I feel like I can wear a hand knit sweater any time – not just for an occasion. This one is the Pheasant Pullover (Ravelry link) by Amy Christoffers. I know I will wear this one often.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

4 thoughts on “30 days of thankful 2020 – #14

  1. What a fun photo! I’m thankful for knitting, too, and for the knitting community we have created through our blogs.

  2. It looks wonderful, Juliann! I would never guess that the bands of colorwork at the bottom of the body and sleeves weren’t part of the original pattern, so you did an excellent job of incorporating them. I hope you have many years of enjoying it!

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