30 days of thankful 2020 – #18

Time to really pay attention to gratitude

The new restrictions don’t impact our lives too much. We haven’t been going to restaurants or gyms or gatherings. And we knew the numbers were going to start going up as the weather turned cold and meeting outside would not be an option. But there it is, rolling things back and hoping to get the numbers down.

Fortunately, I have places to walk where I do not need to worry about bumping into others. On Saturday, I heading in a different direction on a local trail. I saw two deer, some horses, and a few walkers with dogs – all easily distanced.

While I was on the trail, I listened to a podcast about walking in Shetland. It was interesting to hear about the open access in Scotland and Shetland and the responsibility that comes with that access. Laurie has done a great job of turning her in-person tour business into an online adventure.

The stream that runs along my trail is a salmon run. About a month ago you could see the salmon returning to spawn. There are some groups trying to make sure the stream and surrounding areas nurture this annual return. I know I could easily walk in the neighborhoods but I am thankful to have options like this.

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6 thoughts on “30 days of thankful 2020 – #18

  1. You really are so lucky to have such a scenic place to walk! It must’ve been really cool to see the salmon (the only wildlife I see on my walks are squirrels and the occasional chipmunk).

  2. That sounds and looks like a gorgeous place to walk! I heard that Seattle was really tightening up things (one of the buys I work with had to travel there last week). Glad you have places to walk.

  3. I hope the roll back measures have a positive impact on the situation. Our Governor hasn’t changed the things that are open yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Like you, though, it wouldn’t change much for us, we haven’t been eating out or shopping anywhere except for the grocery store. Lovely walk scenery!

  4. I, too, would be thankful for a walking route like yours!
    Denver also just upped restrictions. In fact, they’ve added a new level: purple. I have to admit that the whole restaurant thing frustrates the heck out of me… We live in the ‘olde town’ district of our city, and when I’ve driven past restaurants, it’s clear as day that no one is distancing in there. No masks, because eating + drinking. It’s crazy-making. We have become so accustomed to simply staying home or being in nature, other than small cohorts in our kids’ school, I just can’t understand {everyone’s} pressing need to eat in public. While I appreciate businesses not wanting to close their doors, c’mon. If we could just all buckle down, do curbside/take-out if need be, and get this over with, the word would recover so much sooner. But I know this is a song I’m singing to the choir. UGH!

  5. What a lovely place to walk!
    (Like you, the new restrictions don’t change day-to-day life for me at all. But I am getting really tired of not being able to visit my dad or see my kids. Sigh. . . )

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