30 days of thankful 2020 – #22

Christmas concert recording session – take one

I am thankful for all the music in my life. There are times when I forget that most people don’t have this daily dose. Even a pandemic cannot stop my most talented husband from sharing his gifts. (I am also thankful that we are not neat-nicks. Always a bit of little people evidence in our home these days and we love it!)

Published by Juliann

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9 thoughts on “30 days of thankful 2020 – #22

  1. My Dad feels the same way you do! My Mom plays piano every afternoon, and he enjoys his own private daily concert. I love it too, when I’m visiting them…such a special way to ‘pause.’

  2. What a wonderful photo. Music adds so much to our lives. How fortunate you are to live with a musician. And I love a room with that lived in look.

  3. Was just mentioning on instagram the other day about how my mum may not have known what she had for breakfast but she sure could remember lyrics and sing along! Music is a part of our soul! Love this photo!

  4. that is a gift! and spiderman front left! and Christmas! this photo would make a great “find things you’re grateful for” puzzle!!

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