30 days of thankful 2020 – #27

Turkey, stuffing, gravy, a good glass of wine, and Lord of the Rings. Yes, it is wonderful to have everyone gathered around the table but for the last 6 years, I have also looked forward to settling on the couch with some knitting and three nights following Frodo’s journey. I did not have any familiarity with this story until the first movie came out in 2001. I went with my family to the theater to watch this movie everyone was talking about and at the end of that first movie, I said, What? I was so drawn into this story and it was hard to wait for the rest of the movies. (Yes, I momentarily considered reading the book but that didn’t happen.).

Then, one Thanksgiving, after everyone had gone home and we had loaded the dishwasher, we decided to spend the next three nights watching the movies that we now owned on dvd. I decided this needed to be a tradition.

I am not a big fan of traditional holiday movies. This year, being just the two of us, I was thankful to know that we would still land on the couch with knitting and a good glass of wine to watch Frodo’s journey.

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5 thoughts on “30 days of thankful 2020 – #27

  1. My family loves LOTR, although we used to fit the extended edition in one day. I also tried to read the book but only got about 1/3 of the way through. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. This is such a fun tradition! I haven’t read the books OR seen any of the movies … I can imagine though, that they make the perfect accompaniment for wine and knitting!

  3. What a great tradition! I read the books in college, I think, and really enjoyed them, so I love the movies as well, but a certain husband of mine falls asleep if I put them on. I have a friend who loves them, though, so maybe when it’s safe to be together again, she and I will do a knitting and movie marathon.

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