30 days of thankful 2020 – #29

Sewing was my first craft. Mom loved to sew and was my first teacher. I spent a lot of time sewing during high school and into my young adulthood. I first dipped my toe into the quilting world in 1988. I had received a quilt top from my grandmother and I wanted to learn how to finish it. That first class led to joining a guild which let to meeting some wonderful women and starting a small group. Some of the women I met in 1988 are still in my quilt group (that is the group that made the house blocks). This week I had a message from another quilter. We had met online and participated in some fun swaps through Prodigy (which predates AOL and Yahoo groups). She and I even met up at a few national quilt shows.

My quilting time was slowly pushed aside as my passion for knitting grew. But I still have my machine set up and I play now and then. I recently saw a post about a 2021 quilting challenge group. The challenge is to make a quilt top using curves. That caught my attention. I love to appliqué circles but I have not had much experience machine piecing curves. I found this pattern by Jen Kingwell. I have admired her quilts and love the way she uses scrappy fabrics. And, the pattern included acrylic templates which should make the cutting process easier. I am thankful for the hours of joy and connection I have found in the quilting community. Quilter’s and knitters have a lot in common. And I am thankful that I did not give in to the urge to purge more fabric! I am pretty sure I can make this whole quilt from stash.

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8 thoughts on “30 days of thankful 2020 – #29

  1. Quilting is such a wonderful hobby. You get to play with fabric and color and shapes and you create a practical and beautiful object.

  2. I’m enjoying your gratitude series. I am an art quilter who loves curved trad blocks. Curves are easy, have fun

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