Hello December

Sometimes, I need to look back to see where I have been, what I have learned. As I thought about how my word showed up in November, I realized that my daily thankful posts let me DWELL in gratitude. And as I look toward December, I want to DWELL in joy. Every Single Day.

Emily P. Freeman had a simple set of questions for looking back and looking ahead that I will use to frame my dwelling in adventure.

1. Name something you miss. I think most of all I miss the simple act of being close to people. Sitting on a couch or across a table without distance and masks. I miss not always thinking, thinking thinking – is this safe? I have grown so weary of always being on guard.

2. What was a moment of celebration in November? November was a great month for knitting and writing. Along with my daily posts, I worked on a small book of daily pages.

3. Name something you hope for in December. I am hoping for good news about the vaccine. I am hoping to continue my daily practices of writing and making pages in my Advent book. I am hoping to document moments of joy.

Thank you Honoré for hosting our 2020 one word reflections (and for introducing me to daily pages).

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Recently retired and ready for adventure

10 thoughts on “Hello December

  1. Your photo brings me joy, Juliann! November sounds like it was a meaningful month in a variety of rich ways–I love how Dwell is showing up during holiday months for you, both traditionally and creatively. I’m not feeling much Christmas spirit this year–as in, if my family was on board, I think I’d skip the tree this year! Not a Scrooge or a Grinch…just kind of neutral about it this time around. Anyway, they’re NOT on board; that’s not happening. All to say, when I say your picture brings me joy, that was no small feat!
    Wishing you much in December.

  2. I applaud your decision to dwell in joy this month! Like you, I am tired of the constant need for vigilance about safety — it’s exhausting. So even going into what’s usually a happy time of year knowing that it probably won’t be as happy, I think we need to embrace the opportunity to be joyful!

  3. I love Emily’s questions and your answers to them. Yes, I am weary of always having to be on guard too, always wondering “is this safe?” gets to be exhausting after a while. I am ready for some relaxation, some mindlessness. Dwelling in joy was a wonderful decision!

  4. I wonder if dwelling in gratitude leads to dwelling in joy? Maybe gratitude and joy go hand in hand. I enjoy your reflections here. Your photo and your post bring a quiet kind of joy.

  5. I love the idea of dwelling in joy. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    And I just want to say that dwell has been an amazing word this year. It’s one of my favorites!

  6. I think I miss the spontaneity of stopping somewhere with Dale for a drink and an appetizer. We always enjoyed that and now it’s something we don’t even consider. Cheers to that forthcoming vaccine!

  7. That’s a lovely mug for your drink – and I love the Christmas tree in the background. I understand the weariness about being on guard … every act, even passing people on a path, needs a conscious decision, and my brain is tired too! But to have ‘joy’ in your sights for December sounds very wholesome.

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