Another Wednesday Walk

“To learn something new, take the path that you took yesterday.”
― John Burroughs

For months I resisted taking the same walking route every day. I wanted to shake things up, fight off boredom. But the weather is changing and I have noticed that taking the same path is not so dull after all. I like this particular route because it keeps me on the wider side of the road with more space to move off when cars some zipping past. In the last few weeks, I have smelled woodsmoke that reminded me of camping trips. I peeked down a private road and noticed a log cabin in the woods. It reminded me of the Lincoln Logs our daughters had. And then one morning, I saw this view – the sun off in the distance, determined not to let the fog keep it out of view. This route also takes me past the houses that decorated so creatively at Halloween. This weekend I could see the beginnings of Christmas showing up in those same yards. I just need to remember to keep my eyes on the lookout for something new. Something like joy peeking out of the fog.

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12 thoughts on “Another Wednesday Walk

  1. I follow more or less the same route every day and have since March. Back when I first started getting out to walk or run every day, I looked for little signs that spring was coming — early flowers starting to poke up through the earth, the buds of leaves starting to get green on the tips of branches, grass starting to get a little less brown — and it brought some cheer to my day. Lately, I’ve been noticing smells (of wood smoke and cooking). And occasionally I get lucky and get a beautiful view like the one you’ve captured in this photo!

  2. I know what you mean about not walking the same route to avoid boredom – that’s why I love our Sunday walks in the woods. But you are right, if you look around and notice you will see that there are different things every day.

  3. What a beautiful picture! I have basically 3 paths that I take when I walk. Back in the Spring and Summer when I was walking every day there was always something new to see. I need to get back to regular walking.

  4. Really lovely photo. My daily walks with the dog through the neighborhood alleys has grown dreary….BUT, I found some new alleys to explore. My favorite part was seeing one neighbor decorating her backyard for the holidays…always fun to see what inspires her next. Christmas lights were hung earlier this week and it brought a smile. Simple things these days really matter.

  5. That is a stunning photo. I said Wow out loud when I opened this post! For two years, I walked the same lake almost every day. I became rather attached to the people I habitually passed, and I loved seeing the change in the wildlife…turtles and a variety of birds giving way to mostly ducks & geese come cold weather. And of course, the foliage. There’s something special to staying with it, I think. How fortunate to have such a beautiful route–and your climate! Ah, moisture.

  6. What a beautiful photo, Juliann! And as someone who pretty much takes the same walking route every day, it’s amazing how things change . . . if you take the time to notice.

  7. Gorgeous picture! I agree with so many of the commenters – one of the benefits of taking the same route is noticing how the seasons change. It’s full of lovely lessons.

    Enjoy your walks!

  8. That is a gorgeous picture, and so typical of our PNW at this time of year. I have been enjoying these ‘bonus’ weeks of not terrible weather, and wondering when we will get our ‘sideways rain’ month since it skipped November this year!

  9. That’s a truly beautiful photo … Isn’t is interesting that when we slow down and really look, or just make a decision to notice more or engage all our senses, we see things we missed before? Choosing a route that keeps you safe, with a good surface underfoot, sounds just the thing for winter. I quite enjoy a there-and-back walk because the return view is different.

  10. I’m thinking you’re going to find all kinds of things to spark joy once you start looking for them. Like in Tsh’s piece for today – Noticing God helps us KEEP noticing Him.

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