Three books

I have always loved children’s books. Here are three Christmas books that I am looking forward to reading with our small person this month.

This is one of my newest books. I love the illustrations, the movement, and the anticipation of this story. We will spend a lot of time with this book because each page is filled with beautiful details.

This is a classic Christmas book and Margaret Wise Brown is an all time favorite. I especially like the illustrations in this book. Takes me right back to my childhood books.

And finally, my favorite. More beautiful illustrations and a wonderful story. Santa, the woods filled with curious animals, and the telling of the story that helps Santa remembering the joy of the season.

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10 thoughts on “Three books

  1. I so miss having small children to read to, especially at Christmas time! Christmas in the Barn and Santa’s Favorite Story are two of my favorites, and maybe it’s time to get them off the bookshelf and read them myself!

  2. I love that my daughter can read books on her own now, but I do miss reading picture books to her! I’m glad you have two little ones to share these with.

  3. They look delightful- my favourites are the Snowman and Father Christmas- both by Raymond Briggs- both with wonderful illustrations- the film of the Snowman makes me cry every time.

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