When I was teaching preschool, my classroom assistant and I would spend an afternoon making a little nativity set for each of our students. We used hot glue and inevitably, one of use would burn a thumb or finger. I hadn’t made these little sets for many years but I still had enough supplies to make them for our little band of preschoolers at church. At first I thought I would make them myself, we only have three preschool. But because it was his birthday and now he is so big, I had an assistant. This was possible because I found a glue that was clear and holds well and does not have to come out of a hot glue gun.

I cut the pieces of fabric earlier this week. My assistant did a great job of putting the glue on the doll pins and wrapping the fabric for Mary and Joseph’s robes. He was so gentle as he wrapped the baby Jesus figure. We left the pieces on the table to dry while he played with new legos and we took our walk. Before lunch, he assembled the sets and we put them in bags with ribbon. And then we went to read Song of the Star and as predicted, we spent a lot of time looking at the illustrations and naming all the creatures. I know it was his birthday but I certainly felt like I was given a gift.

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