Joy sightings

Can I find some bits of joy in a messy desk? Yes! Because that mess means I have been playing and creating. I tagged along with Honoré about a month ago and started making some daily pages. I used a Field Notes notebook from my stash and created a gratitude notebook. That project fit well with my 30 days of Thankful. I still have a few pages where I need to do the journaling but it is filled with 30 pages documenting November.

Last week I started my Advent notebook. I don’t have very much in the way of Christmas paper or stickers but I have been making do. The important thing is telling the stories. It has been fun to write down the memories of advent. And it has kept me busy while I wait for my new planner to begin. I think it starts on December 14 so just around the corner. I did start adding some dates to the new planner – mostly birthdays, Zoom meetings.

I have also been contemplating my new word for 2021. I have a contender but I am letting it simmer a bit. I am working through a series of lessons from Abbey Arts on the discerning process. My goal this month is to stay in the moment, stop rushing ahead to whatever comes next because who knows what will come next!

Happy Monday. Would love to hear about your joy sightings.

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10 thoughts on “Joy sightings

  1. My “JOY” sighting on this sunny Tuesday AM: This – Your – blog post and your creative approach to your very every day! Inspiring and always so appreciated.

  2. My table looks rather like yours. I have been making Christmas cards. Can’t beat playing with glue and paper. Love to see what you have been making. Keep playing.

  3. oooh thank you for that Abbey Arts link! I thought I was settled on my 2021 word and then yesterday another one popped up. I wonder where this 12-day course will take me!

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