Thinking about – a new word for 2021. I have one in mind but I am trying to stay open for another few weeks. And I love that time of year when we are all sharing our word choices.

Grateful for all of you lovely readers who went to watch the family concert and emailed to tell me that you enjoyed it. I can’t tell you how much that means.

Interested in learning something new next year. I chatted with some knitting friends about how we might grow in our knitting skills by making a list of techniques we have never tried. On the list so far: cables, steering (did this once but need to try again), and mittens. I have plenty of yarn and loads of patterns. Need to revisit some of those patterns to see what I have loved but have not tried.

Fun – Twice this week I was greeted by a beautiful sunrise. That brief moment, when the sun sets the morning sky on fire. Definitely a joy sighting. It has me thinking about the idea of sky knitting Honoré mentioned a few weeks ago. It might be more interesting if I could add bits of that yellow, pink, and orange to what I imagine would be a pretty grey scarf. Maybe instead of trying to add another knitting project to my queue I could use colored pencils in my planner to capture the sky color. Something to think about.

Enjoy your weekend!

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9 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. I love the idea of capturing the color of the sky in your daily planner. The new knitting technique I want to learn in 2021 is intarsia. And I’d really like to get better at crocheting.

  2. I think I have tried most techniques at this point, but one thing I want to try and be successful at is a tubular cast on. Every time I try it, I just end up with a mess.

  3. I think we had the same sunrise—mais oui, why not?! Yep, the more I see the sky, especially in the am, the more intrigued I become. Today, we had fog and now bright blue sky with just a hint of clouds…time to get my yarn out…

  4. The sunrise is very joyful. I also love the winter sunsets. I think sunrise or sunset colors would be a nice addition to the scarf Honore’ mentioned.

  5. wow! what a sunrise…you need to capture that somehow. A friend and I have started what we’re calling the covid haiku project….each day writing a haiku poem (which I’m NOT good at!!!) and emailing it to each other. (She lives alone…this quarantine has been really really hard on her) This would make a perfect haiku subject!!!!

  6. Oooohhh….I love that idea, capturing the sky color with pencils in your journal. So wise to stay open about your word. I find I have to keep shoving mine down, like a jack-in-the-box, as the year winds down. Pros & cons to when our words coming to us–TOO early, and it’s a challenge for me to stay open to other possibilities. I, too, love this time of year when everyone’s getting read to to Reveal!

  7. looking forward to chatting this week about our words! not sure I have any knitting techniques I’d like to learn, but sewing … so many possibilities!

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