Wednesday Walks

At least once a week, I get to load this little guy in the stroller and take a walk. It has been fun to watch his position go from flat on his back (and sleeping for the most part) to sitting upright and really paying attention to the world around him. The days have been pretty cold but we still bundle up and get out, even if it is just twenty minutes. I love to hear him babbling as we roll along. I can’t wait for him to start pointing.

Along the way we have seen Christmas decorations going up. He seems to really like this one. It is very colorful and it makes and interesting sound with the air pumps keeping it inflated. I don’t think he noticed that the camel had fallen down!

Remember – there is no bad weather, just inadequate outdoor clothing! Bundle up and get outside.

Published by Juliann

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11 thoughts on “Wednesday Walks

  1. I remember walking with Jackie during those early stages. In the beginning the walk was great because it would make him fall asleep. Later, though, he was too aware of everything and taking it all in, so he wouldn’t fall asleep!

  2. Your post reminded me of when my kids were little. My dad would bundle them up in all kinds of weather and take them for walks every morning. What a wonderful memory. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. What a sweet little guy. I am glad you are able to walk with him. That last sentence is a variation of my daughter’s favorite maxim (she is a mother of four) – there is no bad weather for being outdoors just inappropriate clothing.

  4. It’s such a magical time when the little ones start noticing what’s going on around them. It must be particularly fun now, with all the decorations up!

  5. Gosh he’s gotten big! Marc and I took our usual walk this morning for the first time this month and it was great fun to see all the yard decorations. A friend who lives in Portland, OR first shared that “only bad clothing” thing with me … and now I own about 8 different coats 🙂

  6. Oh, I envy you that you can take your little one out for a walk! My own dear grand-daughter is hundreds of miles away. Isn’t it fascinating to watch them grow and change? Sounds like you both benefit! Yes, we are getting out at least once, often twice, each day well wrapped up and even in the rain. Got to get those 10K steps in somehow!

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