hello winter

Yesterday, I took this photo from my writing desk as we began the shortest day. I am loving this group of ladies who watch the world outside my window. This piece was given to me years ago, when I was just starting my leadership role at the school. I moved it from office space to office space and finally brought it home last spring. It reminds me of so many people who have linked arms and kept watch with me. Some soft snow began to fall as the day was closing down but this morning it has melted. I am thinking of the days ahead and holding all ideas and plans very loosely. For now, I am cherishing that break in the rain each day that lets me get outside for a walk. Small, simple, moments of joy.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

8 thoughts on “hello winter

  1. Small simple but profound joys are the best. I love the circle of women in your window. I love the idea of linking arms to support each other. I imagine we all have a circle of supportive women and what would we do without them?

  2. I thought that circle of women was one piece. I like that it is individual pieces. Reminds me of my best friend Leslie and her sisters. We would (until 2020) get together once a year for “Sisters’ Weekend’ and I have sorely missed that. Wishing you a joyous and peaceful Christmas!

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