Ready for . . .? I am ready for a walk but it is only 30 degrees right now so I will wait a few hours. I am happy I have wool hats and warm socks. I know that tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I know what we will eat and what time the worship service begins. I have not thought much about Christmas Day. It will be a quiet day with time for walking and knitting and reading. Here are a few joy sightings from the last week.

We did a front porch cookie exchange last week and my cookies have all been consumed. Think I might make another batch of these later today.

I have been working on more tea in the afternoons but it will be awhile before I make much of a dent in my tea stash.

I finished this book and had a great book chat with a friend about it yesterday. It took me a bit to get started (due to the lack of punctuation) but once I fell into the rhythm, I moved along quickly. I enjoyed this book (except for one chapter) and will be thinking about a few of the characters for awhile. I also finished an audio book last week and it looks like I might have two more finishes for 2020 which puts me over my 50 book goal. We picked our next buddy read and I found it at the library so I will begin that later today.

Here is a link to a conversation with the author of Girl Woman Other

We had a bit of snow on Monday night and it was cold enough that our small person was able to make a snow guy yesterday. He was so excited for the snow! Even the tinier person enjoyed watching him stomp around in it.

I am thinking about knitting ideas for 2021 and have begun to create a bingo card. And I unknit a shawl that was not making me happy at all. I love the yarn but have to admit that I am burned out on shawls.

I have been thinking about Christmas cards and woke this morning with an idea that just might work. It will be nice to actually use those Christmas stamps this year.

Would love to know what joy sightings are showing up for you this week.

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12 thoughts on “Ready?

  1. I too participated in a socially distanced cookie exchange with one of my bookclubs. We put our cookies on our porch, then drove around to everyone’s houses to pick up theirs…seeing their holiday decorations and those of their neighbors en route. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon….and most of those cookies are now history!!! Inspiring me, though to do more cooking in 2021. (love that mug!!!)

  2. Love the idea of a cookie exchange- people are being very innovative this year- highlight for me will be Christmas Day- a shorter version than usual- with family- fewer than usual – lots of walks, a cosy fire and a nice mug of tea.

  3. Your plans sound about the same as mine. My joy is that my oven is working again so I can actually do the cookie production I was planning. I made chai cookies already and am now going to make cranberry orange cookies.

  4. There are SO many cookies in this house! I made what I always make but didn’t give enough away, apparently. I haven’t read Girl Woman Other yet, I’m a little intimidated by it so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. Tell me more about your knitting bingo card!

  5. What a great list of joyful things! I keep trying to start an afternoon tea-time tradition in my home but it always falls to the wayside. Maybe with my word for 2021 – Stillness – I can reinvigorate that time.

    Your blog always sparks joy for me, Juliann! Thank you 🙂

  6. I’m glad to hear you also enjoyed Girl, Woman, Other. The format confused me a bit at first, but once I got used to it, I found that it helped it feel like a fast read because the lack of punctuation made it seem kind of stream of consciousness to me. I’d love to know which chapter was the one you didn’t like!

    We’re not doing a formal cookie exchange, but we baked some earlier in the week to leave for our mail carrier, and we’re planning on doing some roll-out sugar cookies in totally random animal shapes today to share with some neighbors.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

  7. Just LOOKING at that cookie makes me want to bake more! I had a whole platter filled–and in less than a day, well–6 cookies left. Gotta hide ’em if you want one with tomorrow’s coffee around here! Enjoy your Eve & Day…. peaceful and nourishing.

  8. Glad to hear your little one had fun in the snow :). How resourceful to have a cookie exchange – sounds very neighbourly … Admiring your perseverance with a book that has no punctuation – I’m not sure I’d get past the first page! Hoping you have had a lovely Christmas.

  9. Christmas cards and stamping sounds like fun! Girl, Woman, Other has been on my TBR for months … the wait at the library is still miles long. Maybe I should try listening? it might make the lack of punctuation easier to handle.

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