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I spent a bit of time thinking about books and reading lists and what I want from my reading life in 2021. I went past my 50 book challenge on Goodreads this year – not by much. Reading in those first months of lock down was rough. But I also found my reading to be very distracted, easily influenced and redirected. I have decided to stop using Goodreads for my books lists in 2021. Instead, I am using a Midori notebook. Right now, I am reading a book for an online book group that started in November so I put in the reading assignments for December and January. I plan to use some of the lovely white space on the monthly spreads to make notes about books I am reading that month. The blank pages will be used for book notes and quotes. I also want to use Brene Brown’s ideas on creating an integration index. This is a work in progress that might change and shift as the year goes on.

If you are interested in more ideas for contemplating your reading life, check our Anne Bogel’s 2021 Reading Challenge post. This is a different kind of reading challenge. You won’t find a set list of ideas. You can sign up to get a set of activities that will help you create your own challenge. I have been through the worksheets once and will spend a bit more time with them this week before I make decisions.

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11 thoughts on “A book notebook

  1. I kept track on goodreads and on paper in 2020, I might do the same in 2021. Goodreads helps me not buy the same book twice and reminds me of what I’ve read if a book wasn’t memborable.

  2. PS – I started my own version of Brené Brown’s Integration Index several years ago. It’s been a game-changer for how I read books.

  3. I hope this system works well for you! I know some people have issues with Goodreads, but I’ve found it works well for me and my busy life. I’d love to do some Anne Bogel’s activities, but I just don’t have the time to devote to them right now — maybe when I’m retired! I look forward to hearing about your system and how it’s working for you in the year again.

  4. that’s a lot of books… how did reading them impact you? does keeping such fine records help you remember the books? I am not able to keep fine records… I set up systems and then forget to log in. I did it with finished quilts, with finished books, with health goals. About the only thing I can keep dusted off it my word of the year. LeeAnna

  5. I enjoyed this post so much, Juliann! “…very distracted, easily influenced and redirected…” –that sums up my reading year. You hit the nail on the head for me–and it was THAT that originally directed me toward my One Word ’21.When I first read the MMD 2021 Reading Challenge newsletter, I felt like a deer in headlights. But when I started working through the questions, I came to really appreciate it. I’m giving myself permission to play with it the first few weeks of January, which is when I hope to get my reading life IN GENERAL corralled. I, too, am moving my lists off GR and into my notebook. I lose track of my electronic shelves, I end up keeping a partial list on my local library account page….it feels all over the map. I know I will do better with pen + paper. I look forward to hearing about your changes + shifts. Wouldn’t it be fun to see the MMD Reading Challenges everyone comes up with for themselves?!

  6. HUGE fan of MMD’s reading challenge approach for 2021 … and for getting my lists off of Goodreads. I decided I would keep books I’ve finished there (it’s really handy to know if I read something, when I read it … and how many stars I gave it), but all the other lists will be on paper. Also, looking forward to seeing what Anne’s reading journal looks like. sigh. I wish I didn’t have to wait til October to find out!

  7. I read better this year, but I think my reading was “escape from reality reading” and I needed a huge dose of that! I hope this coming year finds you on the path to excellent reading!

  8. The idea of reading challenges, bingos, etc, doesn’t work for me. My reading tends to be be very personal, often it’s about history or religious topics. I do love to escape into a good novel, but I find few novels that really hold my attention. Too often, I sense a struggling author trying, but not quite succeeding, to create an alternate reality.

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