a year of dwelling – my one word 2020

I spent some time looking back to see how my 2020 word showed up. Re-reading this post reminded me of how the year and my word were beginning. But as I reviewed my blog, I found that I did not write very often about my word.


to live or stay; reside.

to live or continue in a given condition or state

to linger over, emphasize, or ponder

I wanted all of that for 2020. And I think I got a lot of it, I just didn’t document. I don’t say this because I failed. I say this because I think that was what I needed. I needed to dwell in and not on. In my heart, there were many moments and reasons to linger, stay, ponder. When I look back at the pictures on my phone, I can see that I was dwelling in the everyday, the ordinary. Last week I started a little recapping project that will help me get those stories on paper.

I am grateful for that Honoré made a space for us to share our words. I enjoyed reading the monthly posts and sharing my own posts, occasionally. Will 2021 tell a different story? I’m not sure. As of this morning, I am still undecided about a new word. This is a bit unsettling for me because I usually have my word chosen, defined, and have begun collecting quotes and ideas on how to make my word visible. Three more days of pondering, dwelling on a list of words that are whispering, and hoping that one will rise to the top.

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10 thoughts on “a year of dwelling – my one word 2020

  1. I think you’ve made an important distinction here; just because we don’t document something certainly does not imply failure in any way! Actually dwelling in and not on sounds like a more honest and true experience.

  2. You certainly couldn’t have predicted it, but isn’t it interesting that the year you chose Dwell, you were forced to stay home? I think your reflection on how your word has made its way into your life in the past year is a good one: It’s less important that we share it and more important to embrace it.

  3. I like how you put that–dwelling IN, not ON… I’ve been thinking lately about the difference between DOING our words and BEING our words. I think I approach it as both–but I have a tendency to get caught up in the doing and need to remind myself of the being sometimes…

  4. I always love that view out of your window with your lovely women in front :). ‘Dwelling in’, sounds such a gentle, calm thing to have done or to be doing. Hoping that a word arrives with you and feels right and full of promise for another year – or that, if it doesn’t, that that feels fine too.

  5. oh the power of the little words … dwelling IN vs dwelling ON is huge! (and I find myself perhaps a bit ahead of the OLW for next year … one of the many surprises I hope to find in 2021!)

  6. I second what Kym said – you don’t have to have a word on January 1st. The first time I chose OLW I didn’t come up with it until mid-January. So, give yourself the space you need to allow a word to come to you.

  7. I admire your knowing that you found in your word “dwell” what worked. Everything doesn’t have to be documented to be real and valuable for sure. Take all the time you need to discover a word for 2021. You have 365 days to figure it out.

  8. I love this – the difference between dwelling IN and ON. What a distinction! I’m so happy this was such a wonderful journey for you this year. Your word will arrive right when you need it. Maybe this is a year to embrace the waiting and not knowing. Either way – your habits of reflection will help you sort through it all!

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