Pops of color

If you want to have a walking habit in the Pacific Northwest, you need to be able to walk in the rain. I have found that leggings are so much better than long pants for walking in the rain. The puddles can make for a very soggy hem on long pants. Of course tucking your pants into your boots is also an option, the preferred option for my small walking buddy. And while I am averse to walking with an umbrella, it made for a fun sight on a recent rainy day walk. Isn’t he a lovely pop of color?

Speaking of pops of color, I have found a new color sneaking into my life lately. The color pink comes as a surprise. I recall having a beautiful, pale pink dress about 30 years ago. I loved that dress, even had a pair of pale pink heels to match. But pink has not been a part of my wardrobe for many years. We had one daughter who wanted pink walls in her room but left that color choice behind by the second grade. There have been bits of pink here and there but the colors that have made my heart sing have been orange and yellow and green for a very long time.

I saw the stack of fabrics above and pushed the order button without much thought. I haven’t done much quilting this year but I know these pink fabrics will be a central part of a new project I have planned for January.

I don’t know when I acquired a ball of pink, fingering yarn. I have attempted to use it in about three different shawls but it just wasn’t right. This week, I began to feel like I needed some pink in a hat. It is creating just the right pop of color on this Chamomile hat from an older pattern – The Tea Collection (you can find it on Ravelry).

I don’t know how far I will go with this color. I did a bit of online browsing for some new clothes. Between retirement and lockdown my wardrobe has become quite dull. I do have more pink yarn for some color work and some flannel for a cozy tunic to wear with leggings. I think 2021 deserves to be welcomed with a pop of color.

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10 thoughts on “Pops of color

  1. Your tiny person in the rain is simply adorable. Funny you should mention pink. I recently got a pink sweater from Stitch Fix. I was sure I would return it until I tried it on and decided I love it. Maybe 2021 will be the year of pink!

  2. Such a cheery thing to see your little person so vividly prepared for the rain – and nicely visible too :). I remember a blog friend telling me that at some point in our lives, we would all fall in love with pink!

  3. That RED is my favorite color for rain gear (and of course, most of mine is black and gray – ha!) … and you know I love pink. I think it’s a great neutral in a shade like you’ve got there … and when it’s bright, well, it’s just plain happy!

  4. And I do so agree! Both “color pops” go a long way to brighten days that are dreary for any number of reasons in 2020…
    I am finding that the color wheel has recently captured my attention …

  5. My daily wardrobe does tend toward darker colors — blues, grays, black — but I do love a pop of color. Sometimes that pop is just the ticket to improve my mood! I’m looking forward to seeing what all those pink fabrics become!

  6. Rather than pink, my pop of color has become yellow. A color that shows up on my Ravelry page only three times from 2014-2019 and then two projects in 2020 with another in my queue while awating a bright DK. You are right. After a Covid year, we need to add joy in whatever form.

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