Hello 2021

I have been “doing” One Little Word since 2009. The first two years I didn’t do much documenting. I had my word visible in some form but I wasn’t making a book or pages. In 2011 I started taking Ali’s class and most years, I followed along with at least half the prompts. 2012 was the year my word did not find its way into my creative life. My word was Weave and I have some photos and some words but they felt very forced. I didn’t take the class every year but I had the prompts and ideas from previous year so I dabbled. 2018 was the year I started doing a monthly blog post and that year I just printed those posts for my book.

I didn’t do many of the prompts in 2020. I did make the vision board and I found it yesterday while I was going through supplies (and waiting impatiently for the post office to deliver my 2021 kit). I didn’t remember that I wanted to read deeply as part of my dwelling intention.

So, what word will be a part of my life in 2021?

It was hard to choose. I had a short list that included Home, Here, and Learn. If you had asked me for a decision in early November, I would have said my word would be WHY. The last few weeks I have been reading In the Shelter by Pádraig Ó Tuama. Over and over again he writes, Hello . . .

hello to the question behind the question

hello to the little moment of truth

hello to here

hello to saying goodbye

hello to the beginning

And so, Hello it is. My one little word for 2021. I am excited to start living with this word.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

12 thoughts on “Hello 2021

  1. Oooh, I think hello has so many possibilities! Can’t wait to see how you incorporate it into your life!

  2. I am excited for you too! It has so many possibilities … And thank-you so much for the information on ‘In The Shelter’ – I have always loved John O’Donohue’s ‘Anam Cara’, and am off to order ‘In The Shelter’ right now :).

  3. I keep coming back to the response: What a very cool word! It’s one I’ve never thought of–and it seems filled to the brim with possibility. I also love the idea of this word for a new chapter of life. And what a great visual! Is that a journal cover?

  4. Hello is not a word I would have ever thought of, but it seems so full of possibility that I think it’s a brilliant choice! I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes you this year!

  5. Happy New Year, Juliann! Great word choice. Hopefully sometime this coming year we can say Hello to our friends!

  6. I like your OLW choice a lot. I’m not choosing one this year (unless it chooses me at some point). I have found that I pick a word and then do nothing with it. Sometimes it feels too much like school work! LOL But I am curious about where HELLO will take you.

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