Last walk of the year

No, I am not giving up walking. This post would be about last walk of 2020! It was a busy day and rather blustery. I did some pilates and had a decent number of steps from going up and down the stairs. But about 4 pm, I decided I could not say goodbye to 2020 without one final walk. I grabbed a hat, mittens, and my headlamp because I knew it would be getting dark. (Side note: why do people go out for late afternoon and early evening walks wearing dark clothes and without a light? We call this the invisible pedestrian outfit.). The streets were very quiet. It was fun to see the houses lit up with Christmas lights. I even left my headphones at home and just enjoyed the unexpected quiet.

Again, not making any resolutions but I will be trying to walk as many days as possible. I have a lead on a new-to-me trail. Just need to figure out where I can park to access it.

Happy Wednesday. Happy Walking.

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13 thoughts on “Last walk of the year

  1. That sounds very healthy to be keeping up the walking, and I needed to read your post to understand the bright pool of light! We love walking in the dusk/dark when it’s quiet and most other people are indoors.

  2. A perfect way to end the year, Juliann! I love walking in my neighborhood as it gets dark this time of year — it’s so fun to see all the lights! (I’m still chuckling at the “invisible pedestrian outfit!” So true. And so dangerous.) XO

  3. Hope you got out for a walk today! Surpising the prediction of rain in the morning followed by showers in the afternoon was wrong, so we took the car to the dealer for a checkup and walked home. We just got back from walking down the hill to pick it back up. It was a nice sunny break and a relief to get away from the radio with all it’s disturbing news!

  4. I giggled a bit at “invisible pedestrian” — I’m sure I’ve been guilty of dressing like one often enough, especially when I was still going into my office (because a lot of my winter wardrobe is darker colors), but I try to walk during the day as much as possible because drivers can be reckless enough around pedestrians even in broad daylight.

    I look forward to seeing where your walks take you in 2021.

  5. “The invisible pedestrian outfit”. I love it!!! I don’t run in the dark anymore, but when I did, I was all lighted up like a Christmas tree. Happy New Year.

  6. almost daily walks has been a lifesaver for me since we started staying home. It’s just nice to get outside and the exercise is an added benefit!

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