Hello to rain boots

Over the years, I have seen many rain boots.
They never seemed to be the right choice for running and climbing and peddling.
I have rain boots.
My boots are for working in the muddy garden or walking across the wet grass or out to the mailbox on a rainy day.
My boots are not for everyday wear or serious walking.
But now that I have my boots, I am learning something new.
These boots go on and off easily and quickly.
These boots are for great for jumping in instead of jumping over that big puddle that always fills up quickly on rainy days.
These boots create a nice base when you crouch down to inspect the ground or watch the birds or the bunnies or the horses.
I think back to all those boots and understand that the clumsiness was worth the independence, the spontaneity.
Yesterday, I wore my boots outside just to jump in a puddle.

Hello to seeing things from a new perspective.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

11 thoughts on “Hello to rain boots

  1. Jumping in puddles = FUN!!! Cute boots too. I have some for going across the wet grass to hang clothes out to dry…or going in the basement when I fear there could be a snake!!

  2. All I can think of right now is Peppa Pig and muddy puddles! Here’s to rain boots that are cute but also useful!

  3. I love my Welly boots, and yes I walk in them and jump in puddles, paddle streams and slip in mud, and scrunch through Autumen leaves and woddle through snow.

  4. How lovely! I never wear wellies, because I find them too cold and clumsy – but I can see the advantages. Great for keeping the heart young when out with your little one.

  5. Your rain boots are so much fun! And even better when you have warm and woolly socks peeking out like you do! I have a pair of rainboots that I wear out to the chicken coop and during mud season (late Spring). I love them! But I should be better about also wearing wool socks to keep my feet warm 🙂

  6. I have had similar thoughts about rain boots. I have a pair that are very functional (in terms of keeping my feet dry in wet weather) and are nice to look at, but they’re not very comfortable to walk around in. Someone needs to make walking rain boots!

  7. Oh, YES! I love this kind of Hello moment! I have some rain boots/garden boots . . . they’re bright yellow with chickens on them. I can’t help but feel happy (and a little bit whimisical) whenever I stick my feet into them! 🙂

  8. I LOVE your rainboots (which Safari/Wordpress just auto-corrected to rainbows … and that made me smile) and the joy of finding a new and fun way to wear them.

  9. I need some rain boots! My hiking boots just fell apart and my tennis shoes leak. Sigh. And yesterday we were without power for 17 hours. Did you sufvive that windstorm OK?

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