Three things plus one

Three skeins of yarn from deep stash

I think it is Anne Bogel who asks readers to name three books they love and one they don’t. I like this question because it helps get to the reason we love the books we do. So I thought I would try it with knitting.

1. I love my stash. It isn’t huge although it has grown over the last 300+ days. I love my stash because there is yarn to share. Last month, I was able to give each of our daughters a skein of yarn for a Christmas Eve cast-on. This month, I am digging into my stash for a few skeins so we can each knit another hat or some mittens. It is like our own little yarn club.

2. I love my needle collection. There are few projects that would need to wait for me to free up a needle or cable. I especially love my needles after I have sorted them out and put them neatly in my needle case. Now I just need to add a few more double pointed needles and I will really be set.

3. I love that I currently have enough yarn for at least 4 sweaters. This is new for me and constitutes the bulk of my pandemic purchases. It is so fun to dream of the possibilities without having to worry about getting to a shop or waiting fo yarn to be shipped.

+1. What I don’t love? How knitting with acrylic yarn gives me pain. I try to balance the number of hours spent with woolly wool vs acrylic because I seem to tense my thumbs when I use acrylic. But lately, I have been knitting a lot of donation hats and scarves so this week I am battling a sore thumb. I think I need to find some better yarn options (easy care, washable) for donation knitting.

Happy Thursday. Off to link up with Carole.

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11 thoughts on “Three things plus one

  1. I’m not a fan of cheap acryllic yarn, so I buy better quality acryllic yarn and that’s fine- I try to remember that what I make will be machine washed whatever I tell the recepient.

  2. Knitting donation hats and scarves is such a wonderful idea! I would love to do it. The thought is almost enough to propel me to buy some knitting needles again. Mine got thrown out during my last purge! 🙂 I also like the idea of 3 that I like and 1 that I don’t. I may have to “borrow” that one sometime! 🙂

  3. I have the same issues with acrylic. Generally when I’m knitting to donate, I use superwash wool or wool blends. I keep the really woolly wools for me!

  4. I, too, had not thought of 3+1 but I like the idea…will think about what I can post. Meanwhile, I don’t enjoy knitting with acrylic yarn either. It hurts!! So do some cottons for me.

  5. Those are good things to love about knitting! I think I mostly knit with wool or wool blends. Sometimes if I knit with cotton my hands hurt.

  6. This is a fun idea, Juliann … and wow, FOUR sweaters worth of yarn surprises me! If you figure out the acrylic issue, please share … I think we all have that same problem.

  7. I love Cascade yarn! My thumbs have been hurting lately, too, and sure enough I’d been using acrylic yarn for that baby blanket because it’s easily washable. Big needles make my hands hurt, too. What sweater are you going to make first?

  8. What a great way to think about things, Juliann. I don’t knit with acrylic yarns very often, but I do have trouble when I knit with cotton or linen yarns. For give-away knits (gifts or charity) I usually try to use superwash wool. That way, the items can be washed — but they’re still warm and cozy for the recipient. (Can’t wait to see which sweaters you knit with your stash yarns!)

  9. Great idea to apply the 3:1 concept to knitting. I have written this in more than one place but the pandemic made me ever so grateful to be able to have a stash of yarn and fabric.

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