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I have had some wonderful conversations about reading notebooks the last few weeks and I am excited to get my notebook sorted out. I had to get this lovely cover for my MD monthly because – well, pink! It was a splurge but I wanted something lovely and sturdy and with inside pockets to keep notes. I was chatting with Mary about the biggest barriers in my reading life and you should have seen her face when I told her that I often have a gap between books because I have not done a good job of managing a TBR list. I recently deleted my Want to Read shelf on Goodreads because there were so many books listed and I found myself paralyzed by the choices. I have gone through the books I own that I really do want to read (ebooks, audio books, and paper books). I printed the book covers (also Mary’s idea) on sticker paper to help me build a reasonable TBR list. I recently finished The Heart’s Invisible Furies and once I had added my reading notes to my notebook, I was able to pick up and start reading Apeirogon because it was available and it is on my list! That was a great discovery. I always thought I had that gap because I didn’t want to forget the book I had just finished when it was really the overwhelm of the next choice.

I have gone through the MMD reading (life) challenge and I am almost ready to put pen to paper for my reading goals. I am going small and thinking I might have different reading goals for each season. We will see.

I am really looking forward to a new start with my reading notebook. Feel free to drop some ideas or questions into the comments. I am loving this exchange. So many thoughtful and wise bookish people.

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11 thoughts on “Reading notebook

  1. I’m really happy to hear that you have identified the stumbling block of choosing what to read next. I read almost exclusively on my kindle and the books I read are ones I get from the library through Libby. That pretty much dictates my TBR list because I have to go with what’s available at any given moment and before they are whisked away from my device. I’m careful to always have books on hold so that I have a steady stream of titles waiting for me. Sometimes I wind up with too many (like when the Assistant Director looks at my holds list and purchases them all!) but usually this works very well for me.

  2. I’m so glad you’re figuring out a system that will work for you! (And that is a lovely cover.) I can’t remember the last time I didn’t know what to read next! I think I’m not nearly as thoughtful as you are in the choosing, but I’m also rarely disappointed in my choices. Over the years, I’ve figured out the types of books I enjoy reading, and I make good use of my library’s “hold” feature. Here’s to a great year of reading for you, Juliann! XO

  3. What a lovely book cover and the inside pages look good too. I do have little challenges for my own amusement , but I’m by no means rigid about them, and I ask for suggestion of good books on my blog, and I have had some exceedingly good ideas. I borrow from the library so that does exclude the ones they don’t have. Look forwad to reading your next installment on books.

  4. I’m another heavy library user here. I used to read much more on my Kindle, but now use that mainly for trips. I’ve discovered I really prefer a “real” book – each to flip back to something if I want, plus I spend so much time on the computer for work that I prefer to not read on a screen. And, I’m still not enjoying audio books…I keep a list of books that have been recommended or that I have heard of that sound good. Then I will search the library for those. I also have many books on my shelves at home that still are unread…I’ll be working my way through them.

  5. What’s that word for when many things in your life seem to be on the same wavelength? I was experiencing that yesterday. First there was our conversation about this topic on Zoom. Then I was listening to What Should I Read Next on my walk yesterday and Anne was talking about her reading notebook and how she chooses her next read. Lately my holds from the library seem to be determining what comes next, but when I’m between holds, I rarely seem to go to my Want to Read list and instead start browsing what’s available from the library. I’d really like to make more of an effort to read books that I already have, be they physical books or ebooks in my Kindle account.

  6. Love the sentiment on the front of your pretty notebook (pink is such a friendly colour!) and hope it helps you keep track of what and how you are reading this year. Myself, I keep a list in my diary of Books To Read. I usually see if it’s available on the InterLibrary loan system and if not, then put it on a birthday or Christmas list. Just occasionally, if it’s much cheaper on the Kindle, I will buy it … Happy reading!

  7. This is such a rich and engaging topic….I feel like I could sit in conversation with this on a reading retreat and be in my glory! Ever since grad school I’ve been a simultaneous reader, so I never have a gap. I’ve gone back and forth on how I feel about that, and I’ve settled with it being right for me. I have one fiction, one non-fiction, and one spiritual read always going, plus whatever’s on my audio. That might make some readers crazy (like my mom) 🙂 My goal this is year is not to be a slave to the library queue. I love what Anne said in last Thursday’s class about weeding through your holds when you pick them up–some books might have passed their prime on my list. I don’t HAVE to read them. (Permission–that’s a biggie for me. Isn’t it fascinating what our READING Lives tell us about our WHOLE Lives?!)
    Forcing myself to stop here. Thanks for the rich topic

  8. Choosing what to read can be challenging. So many books!
    I admire people who keep a reading journal. It is a great idea, but I’ve never been able to stick with it.
    I’m about halfway through Uncanny Valley, and I am enjoying it greatly.

  9. I’m missing my bookclub because it helped me decide what to read, and then we had fun discussing the month’s title. Lately I’ve only been reading “book candy” on my Kindle when I should be reading books off our bookshelves. Nice notebook! How are you coming on that block? I’ve chosen some fabrics, and one is soaking to see if it will bleed.

  10. clearly I need to work on my “resting face” 🙂 AND I’m delighted that you found a way through “not knowing what to read next”. I actually put pen (yep, PEN) to paper on Friday and wrote intentions and an entry for Hamnet. Look forward to seeing where your notebook takes you!

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