In the pink

I am a rather free form quilter and knitter. I have learned to make a swatch and get as close as I can to pattern gauge when knitting a sweater. And generally, I don’t really worry if my seam allowance is not spot on for my quilt blocks. But I know that gauge is to knitting as a quarter inch seam allowance is to quilting. Sometimes you can fudge a bit but not if you want to hold on to the points of your triangles.

On Monday morning, I read the guidelines for the first border for the Stay@Home round robin quilts. It felt pretty straight forward so I headed to the sewing table to start cutting. But first I re-measured my center block and found that I was a slight, maybe 1/16” off. Ugh. That was going to make this next border a bit tricky. So I pulled out my seam ripper and did some restitching to end up with the 9” block I had set out to make. I still needed to do a bit of math but it was much easier. I am really loving the fabric collection by Carrie Bloomston.

A close up of the fabrics so far

As I was tidying up my sewing space, I came across a few more quilts that feature pink.

These pinks are not as vibrant but I was inspired by the pink flowers in the border fabric. This is a small, wall quilt, 12” by 20”
A section of a braid quilt pattern with pink and brown. This is a lap quilt that I made about 15 years ago.
And this one from 2014.

And finally, this happened in 2016!

Isn’t it funny the way you slide in and out of colors and memories?

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16 thoughts on “In the pink

  1. The quilt is going to be GREAT, Juliann! I love the colors/fabrics in that collection. Pink tends to make its way in and out of my life. It’s such a happy color. XO

  2. Ooooo love your challenge piece… cool fabrics! I especially like the Black and white inserts and the tiny triangle print. And those pink shoes… I WAAaaaaant some

  3. You definitely do like pink! Nice work on the block. I just pre-washed my fabrics and am glad I did because one bled a fair bit. Now to get going and do some cutting and sewing before next week!

  4. Hello! Wonderful center block and addition of piano keys. I love the sheep in the very center! The fabrics you chose are divine as are the colors. You did a great job keeping your points. Kudos to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Juliann! I love the prints you’re using – how fun! And I also love the peeks at the previously made pink quilts. And your shoes!! Thanks for sharing all of this 🙂

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