Three plus one

I was an English lit major in college but I have not be a fan of poetry until just recently. So my theme today is poetry – three things I am loving and one not so much.

Yesterday I watched and cried through many parts of the inauguration ceremonies but the reading by Amanda Gorman did me in. Tears of hope, tears of joy, tears of Hello to being brave enough to be the light.

In December, I happened upon an Advent retreat titled A Poet Reads the Gospels. That poet was Padraig O’Tuama. He has been a poet in residence at the Church of Heavenly Rest and I have been a regular on his Zoom poetry readings, many of them focusing on poetry and scripture.

At that Advent retreat, Padraig read a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye titled Gate 4-A which sent me to my library to find a book of her poetry. I hope to read at least one book of poetry each month this year.

My plus one – the thing I don’t like about poetry, is that I waited so long to dip my toe back into these waters. In one of the One Little Word videos, Ali Edwards said she was brought up on poetry by old white guys – me too. But now I know better and I will read better. Poetry feels like a good addition to my reading life for 2021.

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13 thoughts on “Three plus one

  1. Amanda Gorman was amazing yesterday. I hope she will help people see that poetry can be very accessible.

  2. Juliann, you might enjoy the Roger Housden ‘Ten Poems to…’ series. (Naomi Shihab-Nye is in the one I just read–which made me think of it!). I appreciate that he offers a wide range of poets + representation.

  3. I am crying I’m so touched by the Gate 4-A poet. How wonderful, what a message. That vision of all the women doused in powdered sugar! Caring and united. Fears released through understanding. Thank you.
    Do you get the writer’s almanac each day? They always start with a poem. LeeAnna

  4. I am slowly learning to love poetry too. I spent most of the day yesterday with tears in my eyes. When Ashley Gorman read her poem, they spilled down my cheeks. I also love Mary Oliver.

  5. Naomi Shihab Nye is one of my favorite poets. I hope you can find one of her books, there are many. And Amanda Gorman looked like hope with her elegant poem and her bright yellow coat. Hope.

  6. Back in the good old days when we could I was a member of a poetry reading group and we all got to choose poems. How I loved that group, it was an afternoon of bliss. We have a super radio programme called Poetry Please and they have some super poems from all sorts of people. I love an afternoon spent with my poetry books. Enjoy.

  7. I just love your photo of your women, and Amanda Gorman’s quote on it. If it was a poster, I’d buy a copy. I am utterly smitten with that little group who show up every so often looking out of your window. They speak to me differently each time but today they make me think of all those women in our own histories who had to stay inside the home but who, by linking arms together, made it possible for us to be outside in the world – and enabled Kamala and Amanda to find their voices and speak their truths to so many across the globe. Thank-you!

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