Hello to saying yes

Disequilibrium is good for your brain. It can put you just enough off balance to create space for wondering and puzzling and finding a new way.
After years in early education, I thought I knew something about four year old boys. But being the teacher is not the same as being the gramma. And the gramma life has been a bit off balance lately. But I took some time to ponder and wonder and puzzle and I decided I needed to look for more opportunities to say yes to this amazing little person.

Yes, let’s walk in the ditch that has just the right amount of water and mud.

Yes, climbing those rocks is a great idea.

Yes, the upstairs bathroom is the best place to wash your hands.

Yes. I would love for you to arrange my quilt blocks.

Yes. Such a wonderful word. How could I have missed this? I need to get a copy of this book to help me remember.

Happy Friday!

Published by Juliann

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11 thoughts on “Hello to saying yes

  1. Saying yes to my children has changed my entire parenting life. It’s taken me a long time to learn that they’re not distractions – everything ELSE is the distraction. So when I find myself getting irritated (often), I try to shift my focus and attention from whatever else I’m doing to them. It’s been a hard change, but I’m getting there.

    I imagine that you’re a fun grandmother and I’m sure your daughters thank you for your help with the kiddos, but I’d also like to thank you. My parents are 2,000 miles away and my husband’s parents aren’t able to help us, so we’re all alone with our 3, and I think your daughters are very lucky!

    Also – I love those blocks. Especially the person peeking out of the window!

  2. When my oldest was in preschool, we went to a parent workshop where they told us to say yes whenever possible. It changed my parenting, and also, my relationships, with my children forever in the best possible way. I love the quilt!

  3. Yes is not always an easy thing to say when children are involved…but it makes a world of difference and your grandsons will have warm and fabulous memories. Like Katie, I think your daughters are so lucky to have you nearby to lend a helping (yes) hand! Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. I love so many things about this post. We really learn so much from watching young children, who aren’t set in their ways from years of doing things the same way.

  5. Everything here makes me smile. Well, the book makes me sad smile, of course.
    This post reminds me of something I read somewhere when my teeange son was wee…along the lines of ‘unless there’s a REALLY good reason for No, why can’t the answer be Yes? I now find myself pausing, often, and giving the answer, “Why not?” It’s a fun Yes.
    Love this post, Juliann. Thank you!

  6. And on top of that somehow they grow up way too fast! Our oldest grandson will turn 16 next week, and I have no idea how that happened. So enjoy every minute of your time with your little four year old guy!

  7. Lovely post and yes to Yes! My mother-in-law used to have a plate hanging on the wall near the door, which read “If Mummy says ‘no’, ask Grandma” :).

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