Good morning from the rabbit hole

This weekend I found myself thinking about embroidery. I know! Knitting, reading, quilting, and now embroidery. It started with Cathy’s post about her stitch book and ended with this box of embroidery items that I gathered from my sewing closet. I want to use my beautiful things (from fabric, to paper, to tea cups) and the 100 Day Project is coming up so maybe 100 days of using my beautiful things? I thought of 100 days of stitching but I just know there will be days when I won’t pick up a needle (with thread or yarn). And I do have a lovely collection of tea cups and boxes of tea. Paper, stickers, washi – lots of beautiful things there that deserved to be used. I also remembered a stash of skin care items that I have been saving for – not sure what. I’m sure you get the picture.

Anyone else doing a 100 day project? I have dipped my toe in a few years but this seems like it might be a good time, you know, with all this staying home.

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11 thoughts on “Good morning from the rabbit hole

  1. No 100 day project for me. I think with working full time (still) I don’t want to pin myself down to something like that. I do like your idea of using beautiful things though and I love your box of treasures that you photographed!

  2. I was just talking to my sister in law who knits and she said she’s been cross stitching and then my little hamster brain went off on a delightful tangent of stitchery. There are too many crafts that delight me!

  3. I did the 100 day project last year with the blanket I crocheted for my daughter (and actually it went beyond 100 days). I limited myself to 15 minutes a day, so while many days I did more than that, I didn’t feel like it was too drastic a commitment. I’m probably not going to do it this year (mainly because I don’t have a project in mind), but it was worth it last year. And she uses that blanket every single night, so she clearly would agree!

    Also, I’m with you on using the good stuff! If we save it for “some day,” we’ll never use it. Stuff can always be replaced, so why not enjoy it?

  4. I’d not heard of the 100 day project, but in all fairness I try to some sort of crafting everyday, even if it’s just a row of knitting or a tiny bit of crochet. I love your plan to use your pretty things- it’a silly the way we keep things because they are so nice. I too am determined to use my lovely things this year and not keep them in a box. I love your picture and am keen to see what you make. I think you will enjoy your crafting.

  5. This is such a delicious idea for a 100day project! I journaled for mine, to get me back into the groove. And it worked.This, though–the sensory pleasures here abound. (One of the first posts of yours that I saw was a gorgeous quilt hanging on your clothesline. It obviously made a big impression on me!)

  6. I think embroidery is a very natural extension of your other hobbies (well, maybe except for the walking!) … I’ve been spending a little time myself on two similar rabbit holes and trying to find the embroidery kits that Sara (@fictionmatters) is working … GORGEOUS! AND I love the Hello Yes you shared last week (yep, finally catching up here) and see that Yes Day is going to be a movie in March. What fun!

  7. I have not done it, but will follow your link to learn more. I think the value in something like that is to keep art and self expression in front of your thoughts… and we develop by doing. thanks! LeeAnna

  8. That’s interesting; I’ve been trying to extend my craft time beyond just knitting as I used to do lots of embroidery and quilting. We’ll see how that works out; I have lots of stash for both! There are more than likely lots of 100 day projects around here, I think.

  9. 100 days of using beautiful things sounds DIVINE. You’ve got quite an idea there! I fell into the cross stitch rabbit hole a few months ago… eek! It’s just amazing what can be done with needle and thread and I’m obsessed with it all. I hope you share some of your adventures in embroidery!

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