Hello – January One Word

a little hello appliqué I did this month

This word is really showing up in my life. I found many places where I am saying hello and a few where I said hello but not now.

I have never considered myself an over thinker. My quilting friends always comment on how quickly I make decisions about fabric and settings. I know there were times when my teachers wanted me to slow down on decisions. But the last weeks have found me saying hello to pause. It started with a sweater. I was closing in on sleeve number one when I decided to try it on again. I turned around to check out the back and I could see that it was hanging differently now that the sleeve was growing. I took it off and set it aside, thinking it would be okay. I moved on to another project but I kept thinking about how baggy that sweater looked. Pause. Let it sit. Think it over. Overthink it? I have been working on this sweater since October and I really want to wear it. But after a week, I decided I would not be happy with the fit so I unraveled the body. I will finish the sleeves and then return to the body without all the increases after the color work.

Sometimes you just need to rip out that seam

Then there was the next round of the Stay@Home round robin quilt. I jumped right in and got to work. I was finished before lunch and quickly took a picture so I could post to the linky party. But again, something told me to pause. I left it on the wall and came back to it in the afternoon. Nope. It wasn’t going to work. I searched for my seam ripper and took off the borders. This morning, I restarted and I am so much happier with the result.

In the first version I did not have the strip of grey – I think it makes a big difference

I have also said hello to some changes in my diet and I said hello but not now to some book titles. I said hello I missed you to my planner set up (a story for another post). I think my favorite hello this month was to my sewing machine. I had forgotten how much joy I get from an afternoon of cutting and stitching.

Thanks to Carolyn for hosting our monthly One Word posts this year. I am also linking up with the Stay@Home round robin quilters.

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14 thoughts on “Hello – January One Word

  1. I so enjoyed reading how this word is showing up for you; it’s a word I never would have thought of, so I was extra curious what it would look like. What a wise way to put it–‘hello but not now.’ That one, especially, jumped out at me (maybe b/c of our convo about reading). This seems like an especially apt word for your first full year saying Hello to retirement! (Is this the first full calendar year? I’m losing my grip on time.)
    P.S. love that center lamb and the pop of green in your quilt!

  2. I think that grey border does a wonderful job of framing the center. Hello sounds very powerful for you right now.

  3. Oh, Juliann! I simply love that little block! The fabrics are just extraordinary! I LOVE your word and how you are using it! (FYI…The link to the Stay@Home Round Robin Quilt group is not working)

  4. Saying Hello to Pause is a wonderful practice… I’m the same way – I tend to jump in with both feet and figure things out as I go. But your pause paid off with that lovely quilt!! I’m hoping to get a blog post up on Thursday to share my own progress.

    And your “hello” applique is GORGEOUS. Nice work!

  5. I’m glad you paused; that inner gray border looks great, tames it down just enough. I also love how you scattered your plus signs. But I think the sheep in your center block are my favorite part! This is fun, I’m excited to see what you do next. Thanks for playing along!

  6. I’m still working on the piano keys! Lately I struggled with a shawl/pattern and ripped it countless times until I realized the pattern had an error. Thankfully I am back on track!

  7. I love the idea of “hello … not now”. and the border on your quilt is so good – it’s going to be fun to watch it grow!

  8. I love that quilt. Such a pretty color combination and border. I love the idea of “hello.” I can see how it would help one pause and really notice wha is going by.

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