How about 100 days of . . .

Earlier this week I was pondering a 100 day project. I got some great suggestions and encouragement – thanks! Sarah had an idea that I have been chewing on. How about 100 days to make a pair of socks? She suggested that I could figure out how many rounds I would need to do each day to give me a guide. That sounds pretty mathy to me. But, I do like the idea that I could knit on a sock every day for 100 days. This current sock is ready for the next step and I have been saying (for too many weeks) that I just need to watch a video and get going. Now that I have finished one mitten and will finish the second one soon, I feel like I am ready to get back to these socks. I found a few videos to watch and I am feeling much more confident about using double pointed needles (after that mitten knitting). And knit a pair of socks is on my bingo card. Sounds like win-win! Hello to 100 days of sock knitting.

So, hello Friday, hello to more sock knitting, hello to learning something new. Can you believe February is waiting just around the corner?

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13 thoughts on “How about 100 days of . . .

  1. i’ve been thinking about the 100 days project too and decided to knit each day. even if it is just a row or two, it will help me get my sweater done that i’ve been slowly working (and re-working and re-working) for a long time now! πŸ™‚
    love, kisses & magical wishes…

  2. Love this way of approaching a 100Day project, Juliann! What a great way to combine all sorts of goodness.

  3. I think this is the perfect 100 day project to learn something new and make something useful. also, I love the yarn!

  4. That wool is just beautiful … Does it just knit up like that or do you have a complicated pattern to follow? Your 100 Day project sounds perfect – you’ll have a real useable outcome at the end of it.

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