A new month

Okay – here we go. 100 days of knitting at least 15 minutes a day on socks. I unraveled my previous sock because the pattern was too much of a recipe and I need a bit more instruction to get going. I have bookmarked the YouTube series by EarthtonesGirl – No Fear Sock Knitting – so I can get some video help too. And I will be visiting this blog which looks like it has some wonderful sock knitting ideas. Just need to make sure that I get my 15 minutes (or more) of sock knitting done each day to get over this resistance.

February is a great month for letter writing. I have participated in this month of letter writing for a few years. A great way to use some of my lovely stationary and fun stamps.

February can be a tricky weather month. A few years ago we spent most of one day shoveling the snow so we could get to the airport for a trip. We won’t be traveling this month but I still hope we get a pass on the snow. I will be breaking in a new pair of walking shoes and have been thinking about keeping a walking log book but more about that on Wednesday.

And since it is Monday – a little notebook update.

I do love a natural leather, especially the way it ages. I have added the top notebook back to my stack. This is a B6 slim and I have had the cover for quite awhile. Inside is a blank notebook that I am using to take notes and complete the homework prompts for a year long class I am taking. We had our first meeting on Saturday and I am very excited about this adventure. The second cover is holding my standard sized planner. I tried the vertical format in January but I have decided to return to the horizontal format (which I had on hand). It worked so well for me last year but sometimes you don’t appreciate what is working until you try something different.

*My notebook covers are from Sojourner’s. As you can see, I am a fan of her work. I don’t get anything from sharing that with you. I just like to support small businesses when possible.

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10 thoughts on “A new month

  1. Enjoy your Hermione Everyday Socks!! That yarn looks perfect for it 🙂

    And your notebooks! Sigh… I’m glad you went back to the format that works for you!

  2. Hooray for sock knitting! I think you know that I’m a big fan of knitting socks, and you can always feel free to ping me for help if you need it.

  3. Happy February, Juliann! I don’t knit socks very often these days, but Hermione’s Everyday Socks is a favorite pattern of mine (when I DO knit socks). 🙂

  4. I think knitting 15 minutes every day will definitely help you with your sock knitting confidence! Your notebook covers are really beautiful.

  5. Love that sock yarn! I wonder how many pairs of socks you’ll make in 100 days? Right now I’m not doing much knitting because my thumbs hurt. But I have been piecing and actually was caught up until today. How are you coming on the flying geese? I have one done. Yeah!

  6. Oh my , what a post full of things- I didn’t know about February being a month for writing letters- I love writing and revceiving letters, and I have a few I could write. And your socks , what a smashing pattern. And the those notebooks are simply glorious.

  7. Well done on getting them started … I like your notebook cover too. Are you using the MD Notebook this year?

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