Walking with books

look at those little toes, gripping the floor and wanting to be a butterfly

When I walk, I like to listen to audiobooks, especially when I can find books about walking or exploring. I recently finished this book and have been thinking about it a lot. It begins:
”One day, my grandmother was no longer able to walk. That was the day she died.”
The author goes on to talk about how not being able to walk defeated his grandmother and compromised her health. At the same time, he had a young child at home who was just learning to walk. He quotes from a poem by Pablo Neruda;

A child’s foot doesn’t know it’s a foot yet
And it wants to be a butterfly or an apple

He writes about his walking adventures and how sometimes he was walking toward something while other times he was hoping to walk away. It really is a good audio book (good enough that I checked out the ebook to revisit the words).

I think you all know how I feel about walking. I remember how much dad rebelled against the wheelchair. He knew that if he gave in, he would never get out. And he was right. The longer he was in the chair, the more strength he lost. But he didn’t stop fighting.

So, to help me celebrate walking, I have created a little book (3×5) to record the details of my walks. I am hoping that this project will help me pay more attention to the gift of walking.

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17 thoughts on “Walking with books

  1. I, too, love my walks, and I can totally understand the perspective of your father. I am thankful every day that my body allows me to keep moving.

  2. Oh those baby toes!!! I was keeping a journal of my walks for a little while, then I stopped (I’m not really a journal writer). That book looks interesting – thank you for the link and then when I looked on Amazon, I saw he has another book that looks fabulous too – “Silence in the Age of Noise.” I’m going to see if I can get any of his books from the Library.

  3. a friend and I have been exchanging daily haikus (neither of us are good at writing them!) and I’ve been recording them in a little notebook similar to yours. My haikus are usually composed in my head as I walk the dog every morning….so many reflect on what I see, smell, or hear on those walks. I really thank my dog every day for her insistence on these walks…and I’m appreciating my words that I’ve got back to reread. Enjoy your walks…and your new notebook!! Love the baby toes!!!!!

  4. What a lovely post, and those bonny feet. Sometimes when I walk it’s an amble, and sometimes a right good stomp, and sometimes it’s just a walk. I write about my walks in a special notebook too- it helps me notice things and remember them for later. Enjoy your walks and your written memories.

  5. I appreciate my daily walks with my dog. Since he has arthritis, I have avoided walking this week in the ice, and miss it dreadfully. The notebook is a great idea.

  6. Those adorable feet! Oh my goodness. And I love your walking journal, this homage to walking, all of it. A friend is planning a 106-mile walk over several days (the beautiful Mickelson Trail in South Dakota) in honor of her 51st birthday. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the gifts we have *today.* What an inspiriting post, Juliann. Thank you.

  7. Oh, those chubby little feet, make my heart sing! I love to walk but I must admit lately Im lazy, and for no good reason. I can always find something else to do as well as do nothing. Im off to check out this Walking book.

  8. Fun journal! We had a nice dry walk today; it was fun to see some blue sky among the clouds. Hope you got outside today, too. It was great to walk without umbrellas for the first time in a while.

  9. I love everything about this post … and only wish I lived close enough so we could share some of those walks IRL!

  10. Walking is a life saver for me. I am glad to know about the book as I have been looking for a book about walking. I ordered one about Mindful Walking and it wasn’t very interesting to me. Love that sweet little baby foot.

  11. Such a pretty notebook! And a wonderful thought-provoking post … I will look up that book in a minute. oh, those chubby little feet :). Walking never fails to lift my spirits and we’ve made sure we’ve got out every single day despite the sub-zero temperatrures and the snow. My father also loved walked and it was his greatest sadness when he could not longer do it.

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