three things – pins and pincushions

I have been spending a lot more time with pins and needles lately and it is saving my life! I had forgotten the restorative nature of a day spend sewing. And because I am trying to up my precision game, I have been using more pins on my projects. Today I am sharing three pin cushion stories.

That square cushion on the lower left was a gift from a quilting friend. It is filled with something that makes it very stable and it can generally be found just the the right of my machine, ready to capture the pins as I removed them while I sew.

And then, the knitted pin cushion – a long knitted strip that winds around and around with a thimble in the center. This one belonged to mom and it is filled with tiny pins, many of them no longer sharp enough to use. I keep this one on a side table for sentimental reasons. I have contemplated replacing the dull pins but for now, I just like having it close by for the memories. This pin cushion was ever present as mom taught me how to sew or to help me pin up a hem.

Finally there is the needle book at the top of the picture. This was also a gift from another quilting friend. Inside there is a piece of wool that holds a few pins and needles for appliqué. I keep this one in my sewing box with a stack of circle blocks waiting for me to return to hand stitching.

I have a few more pin cushions and one little dish with a magnet sewn underneath that is really handy on the sewing table. Do you have a special pin cushion? I would love to hear your stories. Be sure to visit Carole for more three things posts.

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13 thoughts on “three things – pins and pincushions

  1. I’m sure your mother’s pin cushion is such a lovely reminder of her and your times sewing together when you see it. My mother had a sewing box when I was growing up, but she never did any real sewing — all I can remember her doing is reattaching a wayward button or sewing name labels into clothes. I do remember she had that classic tomato pincushion that everyone seemed to have.

  2. I have a couple of tomato pin cushions and a larger pin cushion that was a gift from a quilting friend – it’s satin with little Asian dolls holding hands around the edge. It’s a favorite of mine.

  3. What a fun post…and idea generator! I am always on the lookout for blog post ideas … and I must go to my sewing room to refresh my memory of pincushions.

  4. Pincushions are a favorite thing of mine so I’ve loved seeing yours. The knitted one I think is pretty unique. I have a dough bowl (long rectangular) from Fletch’s grandmother that I filled with pin cushions I have made and that friends have given me – mostly all small cross stitched pieces backed and filled with fiberfill or crushed walnuts, etc.

  5. I don’t have a single pincushion! (my pins for sewing are kept in a plastic/magnet thing … and my pins for blocking lace are in a plastic box). clearly, I need to up my game! yours are lovely … as are the stories!

  6. What a sweet post about your pin cushions. I have two classic tomato pin cushions – one that my Gram gave me years ago when I started sewing. The other one I bought at some point. I do have a small needle book that belonged to my husband’s Grandmother.

  7. Your mom was such a wonderful woman! Knowing her was my pleasure. How fun to have that pin cushion by you when you sew; I’ll bet you feel her presence! Loved your post.

  8. I love your pincushions, and the stories behind them all- useful and precious, especially the one that was your Mums. Lovely that you are using them all. A super post.

  9. I have several handmade pin cushions from fellow quilters. Funny, how I am always looking for them since they seam to travel from the place that I’m sewing;-\ Your pin cushions are adorable, love the knitted one—-beautiful memory!

  10. I have some smaller strawberry pin cushions that sit in a bowl together. They are made with felt and filled with fine sand. I remember gathering the supplies to make them with my friend. I think it was a pattern from a Martha Stewart magazine (she heavily influenced our crafting and baking at the time!). We would host “making” parties, just the two of us, while our husbands were off together. Such a lovely memory of a blossoming friendship. Thanks for the chance to remember 🙂

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