Lessons learned

Walking every day. Some days I take two shorter walks. Others days I head down to the trail so I can have a long, flat walk. I usually have something in my ears but yesterday I left my headphones at home. I need to do that more often. As I walked I thought about things, even puzzled out a few questions that have been cluttering my thoughts. Walking every day is teaching me a lot about the world beneath my feet too.

And when I am not out walking, I am doing a lot of sewing. I struggled through the mathiness of adding a checkerboard to my Stay@Home quilt but by the end of the day, I was very pleased with the results. I wanted to add more green and now that I have done the checkerboard, I am pretty sure that there will be an appliqué vine and flowers in those white borders. This quilt is teaching me a lot about my sewing process. I am paying closer attention to my seam allowance and trying very hard to sew a nice, straight seam.

Eleven days into my 100 days of sock knitting and progress is being made. I started this sock on day one. By day three I realized it was going to be too baggy so I unraveled and cast on fewer stitches. I also went down a needle size when I got to the heel turn (as advised by a few of the wonderful sock knitters out there) and I am very happy with the way this one is coming along. Hope to finish by the weekend and cast on sock number two. Then I can get back to my beautiful striped yarn for the next pair. Knitting on these socks every day has really helped me get more comfortable with the needles and the process. Practice, practice, practice.

Now that I have finished this post, I realize that I have written three things on a Wednesday. Wonder if I can come up with three more things tomorrow?

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14 thoughts on “Lessons learned

  1. Were you walking on the Kirkland Trail? We did, too, this afternoon but only for about 30 minutes because we had to pick up a newly caned chair in Woodenville. Love how your quilt is coming along!

  2. Every time you add something to your quilt square, I love it more. Have you decided what you’re doing to do with it when it’s complete?

    I know that walking or running without listening to anything is supposed to be a good thing to do, but I confess I look forward to my walks because I know that it’s doing to be dedicated listening time for me.

  3. I am totally in love what that quilt and just love to see how it’s evolving each week. also, all the hearts tor the socks. I feel like a total newbie again … it’s been … years? since I last knit fingering weight socks and I’m finding my rhythm and gauge along with you!

  4. Walking, I try to walk everyday, but sometimes my body just hurts…..grrr, aging knees! I did join a virtual race—–149miles in 16 weeks, doable for me and hopefully build up more insurance, (walking is suppose to be good for knees?)
    Love , love that quilt!

  5. So glad you continue to enjoy the walking and find it beneficial – it’s a great time for letting things settle in one’s mind :). Your quilt is truly lovely – such great colours and I can’t begin to imagine the complexity of getting it stitched together. Wow, you are steaming ahead with those socks!

  6. Hi! I wanted to first off give you a big ‘ole {{hug}} after reading your About Me page. I send you both many blessings and lots of love to get through this journey together. I’m so glad you got to enjoy your walk in silence. It’s a time to focus on yourself, listen to your thoughts, and maybe even enjoy a nice birdsong or two. The checkerboard addition looks fabulous on your SAHRR piece. Gosh, even more than that lovely green and white checkers are those flying geese! You have a wonderful eye for this, I think. Thanks so much for linking up today and for joining the SAHRR. I’m so glad I visited your blog today. ~smile~ Roseanne

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